Friday, December 28, 2012

Rooftop Prince

One reason being that it lets your imagination run wild and it shows you a lot of possibilities of what would happen if a person of the past saw the world of today. I was mesmerized with this drama. I laughed at the hilarious moments and I had a bittersweet feeling at the end. However, I felt like it had a lot of unanswered questions at the end but it was all in all a very good drama. It had an interesting concept of reincarnation and how the people they were in the past still linked to their present selves.

         2012: Tae-mu is the evil guy in this drama. He killed his cousin in the United States and comes back to Korea saying that his cousin couldn't be found. His cousin is played by Park Yoochun also (its kind of like a reincarnation). Tae mu has a relationship with Sena who is actually the long-lost stepsister of Park Ha. Sena is also pretty bad, in the drama they showed how they were when they were younger. Sena would steal and blame it on her young stepsister. She even abandoned Park Ha on the streets when they were younger.
         Now one day, three guys in Joseon attire end up meeting Park Ha. So basically Yoochun  is a crown prince and he has 3 companions who are loyal in every way. When his beloved crowned princess dies, body in the little pond, he sets out to solve this mystery. For some reason, he doesn't check to make sure if its his princess but its a drama, so I'll forgive him. He sets out on a journey and they get transported into modern day South Korea. Now, the three companions and a crown prince end up on Park Ha's rooftop (see how rooftop prince came to be) and they stayed there. This was absolutely hilarious  especially when the historic guys are adapting to modern world and are fascinated with everything.
       They got to know each other and the prince saw Sena who is actually the reincarnation of his crown princess. He realized later on that Park Ha was actually the reincarnation of his crown princess's sister. However, Park Ha in the Joseon dynasty had a veil around her face because her sister had burned her face so that she could be crown princess (originally Historical Park Ha was the one to be the crown princess).
          The crown prince managed to fit in as he pretended to be modern day Yoo Chun (the guy who got "killed" by his cousin). It turns out that guy didn't die but ended up in a vegetation state (coma). It had an interesting concept as the crown prince tried to find out who killed his crown princess through modern day. Throughout this process, he begins to fall in love with Park Ha and realize Se Na's true personality. He also began to put the pieces together and as his answer became clearer, they all slowly began to go back to their rightful time in history.                              

SO ITS THIS WHOLE COMPLICATED STORY (watch its, its worth it)

It's very cute and it had a bittersweet ending.

I warned you! Okay, so after the crown prince went back to his time, modern day Yoochun wakes up from his vegetation state. Okay, the ending may have been confusing because it ends with modern day Yoochun meeting Park's obvious that the crown prince Yoochun went back to his time. However, as the scene closes, you see that the modern day Yoochun has his hands behind his back. It shows that the modern day Yoochun (reincarnation of the crown prince) kept his memories of the time when he was with Park Ha and the memories from the Joseon dynasty. Pretty cool.

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