Monday, December 29, 2014

Hi School Love On

20 episodes
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Can a real guardian angel survive the perils of teen angst and living life as a high school student? Lee Seul Bi (Kim Sae Ron) is an angel who accidentally becomes human after she saves Shin Woo Hyun (Nam Woohyun) from a premature death. Despite his cold demeanor, Woo Hyun is popular in school because of his good looks and singing ability. When his best friend, Hwang Sung Yeol (Lee Sungyeol), finds out a secret that ties them together and also develops feelings for Seul Bi, who is posing as a fellow student at their school, the best friends turn into rivals. Can Seul Bi survive first love and other the perils of life as a teenager and find a way to return to her life as an angel? “Hi! School: Love On” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by and Sung Joon Hae and Lee Eun Mi.

*Beware of spoilers*
This drama is finally over! Truthfully, I kept watching this because Infinite Woohyun and Sungyeol were in it. However, this drama was not good at all. I was watching this with a large group of friends and they all agree that it wasn't good but they kept watching for either the actors or certain characters. It just goes to show how important eye candy is in dramas. Admittedly, I kept watching this because the minor characters were more interesting than the main couples. 
      The acting was not good. It felt awkward and cheesy. To make things worse, the main characters were not likable. Sungyeol's character was ridiculously controlling and dominating. Woohyun was also controlling. Seulbi acted nice without reason and only caused more trouble. She also couldn't protect her angel sign on her wrist for the life of her. Everyone around her helped her hide it but she just kept showing it off to the world causing people to  suspect her. The romance felt iffy as well. What kind of high school romance is that controlling? Don't talk to him. Don't stay at his house. Don't leave the house. Don't come to school. Don't do this. Don't do that. Listen to me. I'll tell you what to do. Also the sunbae angel was creepy as well. You can tell that he likes her but he terrorizes her and everyone around her. Stop being a human, you're an angel. You have no say in what you want to be because now I'll terrorize your new friends and boyfriend. All the boys that liked Seulbi were a bit on the creepy side because they wouldn't even respect her wishes. 
       The minor characters were more interesting and the drama did a good job in letting us catch glimpses of their life and relationship. I enjoyed watching those more than anything. Sungyeol's dad was actually a great character because he wanted to protect his son first but was also rather understanding to Woohyun's situation and his mother's situation. 
        Other than that, the storyline was pretty bad. There wasn't really a good plot. It sort of just added a lot of "I'm the dominating male" moments and bromance moments here and there. It frustrated me to watch this. The ending was good. I think the ending was a little rushed in just finishing everything. But it made more sense because they didn't even have a legitimate storyline. So I was rather satisfied with the ending of this drama. 

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