Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Go, Single Lady

24 episodes
Wang Man Ling (Ady An)  is the daughter of a successful pig farmer. Despite being wealthy and owning a supermarket, she acts just like an ordinary girl and she isn't educated in anything such as the fine arts/culinary/debauchery. Instead, she's educated in raising pigs, saving money, and how to shop in supermarkets. Her fiery personality and tendency to get violent when infuriated makes it hard for her to find a man that loves her for her. When her boyfriend, Peter, blows up and says that he's only with her because of her money but can't stand her anymore, Wang Man Ling makes an impulsive deal saying that she was going to find someone better than him in one year. Immediately, the tension is high when she ends up flipping tables at the end of every date she gets set up with from the dating agency's VIP list. Soon she's blacklisted from the list. However, due to coincidences and misunderstandings, Wang Man Ling encounters Fan Jiang Yu (Mike He). Fan Jiang Yu was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Everyone knows who his father is and his father is extremely successful. Throughout his entire life, he wasn't treated as an individual but as his father's son. When an incident occurs, it forces Fan Jiang Yu to take responsibility and leave the high class society due to the collapse of his parents' company. Wang Man Ling and her family do him a favor by offering him a job while working together. He begins to teach her the ways of high society while she teaches him how to earn money with his own ability. Overtime, the two begin to develop feelings and see what it takes to truly be happy.

*Beware of spoilers*
      I was compelled to watch this drama mainly because Ady An and Mike He were starring in this. I admired Mike He ever since I saw Devil Beside You and his other works didn't fail to impress me. Of course, his kissing scenes were always on the top of the list (along with Joe Cheng) and so I was also excited to see some intense make out sessions. After watching this drama, I don't think I was emotionally invested in this drama even though it was entertaining to watch it. I wasn't emotionally invested with any of the characters or the plot. I don't know if it was because I felt detached to the characters or if I just wasn't interested in them enough to see the similarities. However, it didn't leave a huge impact on me.
      The minor characters became more likable as the drama went on. They weren't entirely perfect/likable but their character improvement was great. They also didn't try to ruin the relationship between the main characters. For Ya Zi, I just felt as though she came off as somewhat catty. She had her goal set in mind and really didn't do anything to break the main couple up. But the side comments she made to Wang Man Ling were slightly judgemental and were kind of meant to target the incompetent aspects of Wang Man Ling. She kept saying that there was an upper and lower class even in the rich. I felt that some of the things she said came off as catty even though it can also be seen as trying to push them toward a certain goal. The doctor character was also somewhat boring throughout the drama.  There were a few scenes where he was an amusing character but he seemed kind of dull in a lot of scenes.
    I liked the main characters because they developed from what they learned from one another. Wang Man Ling tried to act more like a lady under the judgemental supervision of Ya Zi. She also learned more of what the upper society was all about. Fan Jiang Yu learned what it meant to be "new money." New money is when you create your own wealth whereas "old money" is money that is passed down. Fan Jiang Yu learns to work and save money and also not expect too many superficial things from life. The small identity crisis they put in was an interesting touch. I couldn't help but think that the father was a little
cruel in leaving Fan Jiang Yu thinking that he was an orphan throughout most of the drama when he actually was an orphan to begin with. The episodes kept me interested though I would have liked it if they made the ending of each episode more enticing. This was rather comedic, sometimes exaggerated, and sometimes realistic. However it was a light watch and I would recommend this to people who want to watch something light and not too dramatic. 

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