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Discovery of Love

16 episodes 
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Life is going great for a successful designer until her ex-boyfriend comes back into the picture. Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yu Mi) has everything going for her – she’s a successful furniture designer who lives a happy and carefree life with her two best friends and dating the sweet plastic surgeon Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon), who might be popping the question soon. But her perfect world is turned upside down when her self-absorbed ex-boyfriend, Kang Tae Ha (Eric Mun), comes back into her life. As the CEO of an interior design company, Tae Ha and Yeo Reum are brought back together when they have to work together on a project, and Yeo Reum begins to question her beliefs about true love. And to complicate matters, Ha Jin’s childhood friend Ahn Ah Rim (Yoon Jin Yi) confesses her long-held crush on Ha Jin, which throws his emotions into a state of confusion. Can the four lovebirds find true love? “Discovery of Love,” also known as "Discovery of Romance," is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Sung Yoon.

*Beware of Spoilers*
This drama has a realistic take on romance and love. It truly doesn't give you this fairytale romance but something very realistic--the bickering, the jealousy, and the understanding. It had a funny and great start as it introduced the characters. The flaws of the characters were showing in the very beginning. You can see how the original couple ended and you could already see how the current relationship was going to end as well. Both Han Yeo Reum and Nam Ha Jin were facing in different directions claiming to be looking at one another. Han Yeo Reum was subconsciously going back to Kang Tae Ha while Nam Ha Jin was continuously searching for his childhood sister/love from when he was at an orphanage. I immediately expected that Han Yeo Reum was going to go back to Kang Tae Ha when Nam Ha Jin's childhood love/sister appeared. 
   I liked how both men kept trying to make more of what they had. However, you could see how both the male and female counterparts were constantly looking past the flaws of the other because of love. I also loved Han Yeo Reum's friends. They were the OTP throughout the whole drama and their scenes made me laugh so hard because they were so cute together. They were loyal and devoted friends. Their scenes are amazing. I also loved the actress who played Yoon Sol because she just has this certain charm to her. I also liked how all the character stalked to the audience at times. It was almost like they were having an interview in the middle of the drama and it was really nice to hear and they spoke a lot of facts about the relationship. 
     I feel that this drama made me extremely fickle between choosing the two men chasing after Yeo Reom. Kang Tae Ha still loved her and their relationship ended on misunderstanding and tragedy. Both haven't quite let go of the other and he does treat her well and care about her. Nam Ha Jin also cares about her greatly and can always be expected to take care of her and watch over her. However, I began to get sick of Nam Ha Jin. I felt that he was extremely shady in not telling Yeo Reom about his childhood and how he got close to a girl at the orphanage and that he found her again. He kept pushing off telling her as if there was going to be this big reveal. Instead, it only created frustration, misunderstandings, and jealousy. Not to mention, the girl, An Ah Rim was kept in the dark as well about the fact that Nam Ha Jin was the oppa from the orphanage. However, she frustrated me as well because she was so obviously squeezing herself into the relationship while saying that she was going to back off. That annoyed me because it just made her seem pathetic. She acts pitiful because she's an orphan and demands that Yeo Reum understand her when all Yeo Reum sees are "kimbap dates" and "hiding when seeing her." It is obvious that An Ah Rim is a strong character because she had many part time jobs to reach her goal and she has a fiery personality as well. However, I felt like she just kept acting weak and girly in front of Nam Ha Jin and I thought that was shady of her as well. 
      I also hate the fact that so many dramas use childhood crushes and promises as a standard for a touching romance. To be honest, can a child truly keep a promise to the very end? And if so, does that mean romance is instantly sparked? In their memory, the other was merely a child or a childhood crush. I don't think that years after not seeing one another, a crush could develop into something more. I just don't like the whole "childhood love" going into romance when they first started liking one another at preschool/elementary school ages. I understand it a bit more when it took place in middle school/high school. 
      Other than that, I really liked this drama. The way the characters interacted and how their romances played out was very down-to-earth, straightforward, and realistic. I enjoyed it a lot. 

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