Friday, December 26, 2014


This is a 2013 Korean mini series. This is the story about a young idol star Kikwang encountering his first love again when they are in their 20s. The two begin to fall in love but their love story may no longer be as innocent and carefree as how they were in middle school. Kikwang is an idol and the girl, Hye Rim, must deal with different situations while dating her boyfriend such as not being able to show him off to friends, not being able to publicly be with him without being attacked by fangirls, and dealing with obsessive fangirls that want her to back off. 

This was very fluffy and light. This is a short watch that is only 4 episodes long. It's not a long series and I enjoyed it a lot. It really showed the struggles that come along with dating a popular idol when the girl is not famous. I was so upset in the beginning when the guy that Hye Rim had a serious crush on was an ultimate douche. I liked that they showed that there are such people in our society today that don't take your feelings seriously but would rather try to take advantage of you. But thankfully, she was smart and walked off angrily. She later found her happiness with the kpop idol Kikwang. They showed flashbacks of their middle school days and showed how happy they were in the beginning. Then you see the problems with dating an idol that is so well-liked. No one believes you if you say that you're dating this idol and you don't want to tell anyone in case someone decides to leak the story. His schedules make it hard for her to see him and he is often very tired. Then they have to deal with fans. Not to mention, her best friend/roommate is a huge Kikwang fan. The whole scenario of this drama was just interesting to watch.  

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