Friday, May 3, 2013

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

This is a Japanese drama and it was based on the manga called The Wallflower. I'll jump to the synopsis first and then tell you my feelings on the drama itself. 


         The girl is called Sunako. She confessed to her high school crush and he replied, "I don't like ugly girls." Upon that, she was scarred and heartbroken. She began to shun all forms of beauty including within herself. She begins to become obsessed with things like vampires, torture devices, skeletons, horror films, and so forth. While, Sunako was living like this, there are other characters to talk about that are also important as to how this story plays. 
         Takano Kyohei is blessed with good looks and is
a college student. He gets fired from his part-time job and he also looks at personality instead of looks. This is because many girls fangirl over him but they don't like him for who he is but what he looks like. He also has a hot temper and is good at fighting. He was renting a mansion with three other good looking guys. They had a lot of fangirls but they lived in that mansion together. With his job gone, Kyohei wasn't sure how he was going to pay rent. Then the owner of the mansion, offers the guys free rent in her mansion if they can turn her niece Sunako into a "perfect lady." Her son was living with these four good-looking students and would help them get used to Sunako (that little boy is so cute and cheerful.) 

     The first meeting was scary as they did not expect Sunako to look so scary. Sunako was scared of "bright creatures" and kept head butting these guys whenever they had this light shining around them. She preferred dark places and avoids all of them except for her cousin (the little boy). In this drama, you see the girl slowly start coming out of her shell. You also see the friendship of the other guys form. They also had a lot of different problems throughout this drama and it was really interesting as to how they dealt with it. It was comedic and entertaining to watch them as they tried to turn Sunako into a perfect lady. Little did Kyohei expect to slowly fall in love with Sunako. The other guys all began to form close friendships with one another and also Sunako. You also see how they become moral support for one another and help one another with all the problems that they faced.

Sunako also gets amazing fighting skills when they call her ugly because it triggers past memories, makes her angry, and she just rages. So whenever they face trouble and need backup, they all call her: "Ugly Sunako" and she immediately starts fighting alongside them.

The ending was very cute and throughout the entire drama, you get the message: You are who you are and that makes you beautiful. And the reason why Kyohei liked Sunako was because she was who she was...loving her figurines, skeletons, skulls, blood, vampires, and her horror. 

This was very entertaining. I personally thought that it was entertaining. They did a good job in acting and it was often very comedic. However, I loved the opening song because all the main actors in this drama were dancing together to the song. They had a lot of cute moments and you can see how isolated the girl is from the real world. She loves vampires so much, she sleeps in a coffin.  Her best friends are these science models of the human body that she found in someone's trash. You also see that the pretty boys have their problems. Like on Valentine's Day, they had to have curtains up and stay inside in fear of getting attacked by their fan girls. 
This is not entirely realistic. There are a lot of interesting moments. The way the two main characters fight is kind of interesting because the girl always pushes him around and they yell at one another. They faced a ghost in their mansion, wicked fangirls, and so forth. I would recommend this to all my friends.

Besides, what is better than watching a drama with four good looking guys? 

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