Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Time to Love (movie)

             I was really excited to watch this drama because the Chinese title for this is literally "The New Bubujingxin." And my favorite drama of all time is Bubujingxin aka Scarlet Heart. (It is also why I'm extremely excited for Ryeo because it is supposed to be the Korean version of BBJX). However, I want to make a note that this movie has nothing to do with BBJX. The only thing similar to the drama was that it involved time traveling and the girl was called Ruo Xi in the historical time period. I did not enjoy this movie like I thought I would. I just had a difficult time getting into it and spent most of my time confused by the drama. I also found it weird in a lot of ways and I didn't think a lot of things made sense. The attire and the setting was not historically accurate and it felt more fake. I was so confused when a carousel appeared out of no where with no one to push it or anything. It just felt too modern and wrong for a time travel drama. I can accept the things where the girl introduces new things into the past since she came from the present but it got to a point where the movie just seemed like a make believe rather than something plausible like the drama BBJX.
          If you watch this movie, I highly recommend that you think of it as a fun, fake movie and just enjoy whatever romance or eye candy they give you. Other than that, I would not recommend this movie as I did not enjoy it. But shout out to Shawn Dou (14th prince) for looking cute in this drama!

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