Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Doctor Stranger

Episodes: 20
Synopsis: Park Hoon is raised in North Korea for most of his life after his father, a heart surgeon, was sent there for a top-secret operation and is not able to return to South Korea. After experiencing traumatizing events in  North Korea, Hoon becomes an accomplished surgeon and manages to escape to South Korea. As he adjusts, he also desperately tries to keep in touch and find his girlfriend from North Korea so that she could come join him. In the process, he meets new people and catches the eyes of many others as he struggles to find his girlfriend and to avoid getting killed off.

          I actually watched this drama a long time ago but never got to this review.  I actually enjoyed this drama a lot in the beginning. It was filled with suspense, action, and romance. I also liked it because Lee Jong Suk was acting in it and he's the ultimate eye candy. However, as the drama went on I started getting bored of the consistent action and always be suspicious of everyone around them. It seemed so weird to watch the girl that he loved before seem to almost butt heads with him and it felt weird that her character seemed to completely shift 360 degrees. It got tiring after a while. It was a drama with great potential but as it went on it started to get boring. A lot of people rave about this drama and so I feel kind of bad that I didn't fall in love with it like they did. I loved the first few episodes because it was so intense but the drama just felt too repetitive for me.

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