Friday, August 19, 2016

The Rise of A Tomboy (Movie)

         I wanted to watch this movie because the actors from Shan Shan Comes to Eat (aka Boss and Me) and did a fantastic job together. I knew that the actors, Zhang Han and Zhao Li Ying, had amazing chemistry together and looked extremely compatible. In the drama, they played a very realistic couple with their cute inside laughs and serious moments as they took on their relationship and life together. This movie and the characters they played this time around are very different from the drama. This movie was very comical and the characters were also very lively and funny as well. Ii loved seeing Zhao Li Ying act as the tomboy and watch Zhang Han be the one who is always just doing his own thing and following along with her pace. It was actually really interesting to see how they were able to adapt to new roles so easily and so well. 
       The movie starts off with two students at the University of Sydney. He Xiu Wu is trying to perfect a true love formula that allows people to find their perfect matches in the most efficient time possible. She is doing this to try to reduce the number of divorces and broken families. However, she lacks funding to do this research and her formula does not seem to work as she tried it on her roommate Lily and her formula failed. Thus she decided to use herself as an experiment to try to prove that her formula works.
        She meets Ye Si Yi by chance. Ye Si Yi is an amateur composer from Beijing and is kind of the opposite of the tomboy, He Xiu Wu. Ye Si Yi is doing everything he can to profess his love towards his crush and pop star Sun Qiao Qiao but nothing is working as Sun Qiao Qiao is constantly using Ye Si Yi as a rebound. Sun Qiao Qiao also used Ye Si Yi's song to rise to fame. When He Xiu Wu goes to Beijing for her experiment to work, her luggage is lost and she ends up living with Ye Si Yi for the time being. She then bumps into Sun Qiao Qiao constantly and also into Sun Qiao Qiao's boyfriend, Ge Yang (Jung Il Woo), who later would hired her to use her true love formula and to provide her with the funding she needs. When both Ge Yang and  Ye Si  Yi fall in love He Xiu Wu, she is faced with a dilemma about following what her equation produced or what she wants, 
     This movie revolves around He Xiu Wu attempting to complete her true love formula. The question is when it comes to love--is she going to follow her heart or follow her most trusted mathematical equations? 
          This was an amazing movie and I genuinely enjoyed this a lot. Highly recommend. 

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