Thursday, August 25, 2016


Episodes: 20
Yoo Hye Jung has a rough childhood with an abusive family setting. She grows up dealing with challenges as though she doesn't care about them and appears to be emotionless. After being sent to live with her grandmother who helped guide her on to the right path by showing her love and affection, Hye Jung begins to work hard in school and even makes friends at her new school. She even started having dreams as to what she wanted to do in the future. However, when a medical malpractice occurs to the one closest to Hye Jung she does the only thing that makes sense to her. Work hard, find out the truth, and demand the apology that she never received. Throughout the process, she bumps into her love interest once more and has to confront her biggest rival Seo Woo personally and professionally.

         The character that Shin Hye played was very unique.  In the beginning, I was a little turned off by the character but yet also fascinated. Often our characters aren't shown as bratty, emotionless, cold-hearted, mean, or tough. Park Shin Hye's character, Yoo Hye Jung, was a tough, emotionless character who rebelled in ways like not going to school, wanting to appear older, or shoplifting. Her personality was not likable as she was rude to those who tried to help her and cold-hearted to those around her. She is basically the image of a rebellious child who does not trust or believe that those around her are there for her. She believes that everything she is doing is right and refuses to listen to anyone else which is why she is so flippant toward everyone. The one thing that was admirable about her in the beginning were her fighting skills. However, behind that unlikable character, there is a child who only wants to be accepted,to be loved, and to be guided. All it needs is the right amount of care and love and the right discipline.
            I really liked her grandmother for trying to teach her that there are people who are there for her and that there are people who are willing to show compassion and guide her on to the right path of life. At her age, the grandma shouldn't have had to worry about raising her grandchildren to be better people but she chose to take Hye Jung in because she knew Hye Jung's parents were not good for her at the moment and not actually worrying and helping her. Because of her grandma, Hye Jung begins to work harder to change herself for the better. Her grandma also tries to do her best to show love and care for her granddaughter via words, actions, and so forth. It is a very intimate and loving relationship between the two. I was heartbroken by episode 3.
          I don't know how to feel about the teacher because in the beginning he felt like an older brother or even a parent in the way that he was teaching her right from wrong. I liked how their relationship progressed and how they were mutually supportive to one another. However, I still couldn't get the fact that they were once teacher-student before. I guess it is normal in some sense since their relationship only started after she became an adult and a doctor...but I guess it was still slightly unsettling. However, I did enjoy their interactions. He was genuinely kind and supportive to her as she was to him and it is those kind of relationships that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
          In her new school, I also liked the friend she made in the beginning. She had saved the girl from getting bullied and thus the girl began to idolize and like Hye Jung as a friend. She was incredibly innocent and cute. Her character was like a little puppy dog. We've all heard about bromance dramas. This is one with sismance! I also liked that it ended with friendship with Seo Woo despite years of rivalry and petty remarks back and forth. It made me feel some kind of ways that they went from best friends to rivals to friends again. This is the kind of drama that makes you feel good as it goes on. 

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