Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunny (Movie)

Im Na Mi is a wealthy housewife and mother. She has a daily routine of waking her family up, making breakfast, and then doing the daily tasks of a housewife. Her teenage daughter refuses to share anything to her about her life and her husband seems to be this bore who doesn't really interact with her much other than giving her money. She is wealthy and living a "perfect" life but she is actually depressed with how indifferent everyone around her is. She begins reminiscing about her teenage years and the group of friends she encountered and become a part of. Each had a unique personality and they all contributed to their little group in which they called Sunny. They bonded with one another, shared laughs together, fought in fights with other groups together. They were happy. Until one day, an incident occurs and their little band of friends disperse. Going back and forth from past to present, this movie shows their happy, heart-wrenching friendship and also their current states. Each of them are living a different life and going through a different ordeal. Brought together, they are able to experience the happiness they felt as teenagers and reconnect with one another to help each other. It was heartwarming, nostalgic, and one of the best movies I've watched in a while.

    I really enjoyed this movie because it was so beautifully made. It's a story about a group of friends who were known as Sunny. After a series of events, the little band of friends separate. Years later, as adults, they begin to reconnect with one another and reminisce their years together when they were younger. It was a very nostalgic and heartwarming film. It had a lot of comedic moments in it as well. It felt very raw and realistic. The movie itself felt like it was that passage from childhood to adulthood as it shows the characters growing up and also the differences in their lives as adults compared to their lives as teenagers. I thought it was great how strong their friendship was and it was a really soul-searching journey for all the characters. My heart broke to see how they all had these dreams and aspirations as to what their future will be like that and yet their lives seem to be completely different from what they dreamed of. The young girl who wanted to be an author and used to always be eager to hit someone, is stuck at home tending to a nagging mother-in-law and unable to do anything to be happy. The main character, an aspiring artist, is living a monotonous life as a housewife. It was so sad and yet beautiful to see how they adapt to their current situations and try to help each other out. It was heartwarming, nostalgic, and one of the best movies I've watched in a while. Highly recommend.

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