Sunday, January 17, 2016

Skip Beat

Episodes: 23
       Gong Xi fell in love with Bu Puo Shang at a young age when her mother left her in the care of his parents. In fear of seeming like a parasite, Gong Xi works around the hotel in which his parents ran and does numerous things and gains a lot of skills. When Bu Puo Shang (Shang) is infuriated and leaves home because of his father's discouragement from learning music and also planning his life to marry Gong Xi, he leaves and asks Gong Xi to come with him.
       Gong Xi agrees immediately to follow him and to help support him as he enters the music industry. She gives up college and does numerous odd jobs to help pay for rent, daily necessities, and to help launch Shang into fame. However, overtime, Shang becomes increasingly cold to her and expects her to do all these different tasks for him. When she comes across him flirting with another woman and talking about how he views Gong Xi as a maid, she seeks revenge.
        Gong Xi auditions for the biggest talent agency and constantly finds different ways to get the opportunities to become famous. She is determined to outshine her backstabbing childhood friend and crush. Meanwhile, Shang's rival and Gong Xi's fellow talent, Dun He Lian disapproves of Gong Xi's motives and tries to find ways to motivate her to fall in love with acting for acting and not for revenge. Over time, Dun He Lian falls in love with her and Bu Puo Shang begins to realize just how much she meant to him.

I'm a bit late in watching this drama as this came out in 2011. However, I enjoyed it nonetheless. I thought the actors all did extremely well and they all showed off their charms and their unique characters very clearly. I'm actually very impressed with Donghae and Siwon's ability to blend into the drama so easily especially when it is a Chinese drama. They did a good job in fitting into their roles and made the drama feel like it flowed a lot smoothly even if they didn't know the language that well. The relations and the humor throughout this drama was really enjoyable. I would highly recommend everyone to watch this.

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