Sunday, January 17, 2016

Love Weaves Through a Millennium

Episodes: 22
This drama is a remake of the Korean drama Queen In Hyun's Man.
The Chinese version tells the same love story as the Korean drama. Two people from two different eras fall in love with one another. Imperial scholar official,  Gong Ming accidentally time travels two thousand years into the present where he met the starting actress  Lin Xiang Xiang. As Gong Ming goes from present to the past fulfilling duties to both Lin Xiang Xiang and to his queen, the two must overcome changes of fate, love, and also the changes in history.

       Personally, I still liked the original version more than this version. However, I have to say that the Chinese version did try to capture the essence of Queen In Hyun's Man. I liked the appearance of Nana from Afterschool who played the mean actress in which Lin Xiang Xiang had to work with. The cast was aesthetically pleasing to watch.
      I really enjoyed the changes this drama made to give it its own unique flair. However, for me, Queen In Hyun's man had more of an impact on me. This Chinese version does include its own elements and  I believe that it has its own charm.

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