Sunday, January 17, 2016

200 Pounds of Beauty (Movie)

Synopsis and Review: 
     I really liked this movie because it had a really positive message about self-confidence and it also supports what you want as an individual for yourself. I thought it was comedic, sad, cute, and touching all at the same time as I watched this.
      Kang Han Na is an overweight woman who is unhappy with her career and life. She works as a lip sync vocalist for famous pop singer Ammy and also as a part-time phone sex operator. Her voice is beautiful and is praised despite her appearance. Thus, her life seems to be destined to be behind the stage or hidden from sight while her voice is the important thing above all.
      Working as Ammy's ghost singer, Kang Han Na develops a crush on her music company executive, Sang Jun. When Ammy embarasses Han Na in front of him at his birthday party on purpose, Han Na receives a serious blow to her self esteem and goes to the bathroom to cry. There, she heard Sang Jun tell Ammy that he has to be kind to Han Na because they need her for her voice and they don't want her to walk out on them.
       Realizing that she didn't mean much to them as a person and feeling hurt that her crush would say those things, Han Na attempts to commit suicide but is interrupted by a phone call from one of her phone sex regulars. This man is a plastic surgeon who can no longer touch his wife after performing a procedure on her and so he relieves his sexual frustration through phone sex. Han Na uses this to her advantage by threatening him to help her by giving her a full-body transformation through plastic surgery. The surgeon is moved by her reasons for wanting this and agrees to help her.
        Her transformation reveals an incredibly beautiful and slim woman. Everyone is stunned by her beauty and even her friend doesn't recognize her. With her friend's help, Han Na is able to create a new identity for herself as a Korean American named Jenny. Ammy's career is suffering as she is unable to produce any new songs with the disappearance of Han Na. So she auditions to be Ammy's secret vocalist again and instead earns her own recording contract with Sang Jun. She is promoted to be an "all natural beauty."
          Han Na is unable to return to her normal life and visit her father who suffers Alzheimer's due to her fear of being found out. She continues to work hard as Jenny and starts losing bits of herself in the past that even her friend ends up turning her back on her. As Sang Jun and Jenny fall in love, Han Na is constantly worried about her plastic body breaking when they do something together. Her confidence soars nonetheless because her crush fell in love with her. However, the truth comes tumbling out.
        At her concert, Jenny reveals her true self to her fans and everyone around her. She also apologizes to her friend and father who she had turned her back on to play the role of Jenny. She did get more haters but also more fans as well. And she stayed true to herself despite her appearance and was considered mostly beautiful because of her inner beauty. In the end, plastic surgery did boost her confidence and it was the choice Han Na made for herself. But most importantly, she didn't forget her past and she actually stayed true to herself which is an extremely positive message.

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