Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tiny Times 2 (Movie)

       This is the movie following Tiny Times. It's very similar to the first movie but with new issues popping up. To start things off, the movie ended on a rather good note and Lin Xiao worked things out with her boyfriend. However, we come to see that Jian Xi might not be all that devoted to the relationship as he makes it seem he is. To start things off, Lin Xiao witnesses a girl kiss her boyfriend who then said that he was very busy when she called him. Then I begin to feel this horrible feeling as I watched Zhou Chong Guang throw up blood. This is when you realize that the boy is actually suffering from gastric cancer and not some publicity stunt that Kitty claims he uses. Then we get introduced to the fact that Lily may have had an affair with Nan Xiang's manipulative and abusive ex boyfriend (Xi Cheng). After a rather ill-tempered encounter between Lily and Xi Cheng, Lily said a quote that I thought was really raw. 

Lily: "Everyone, including myself, has a time when they are completely stupid. Because of that, everyone deserves the right to be forgiven once." 

      It shows that the cold perfectionist also makes mistakes and is also just as vulnerable no matter how tough she appears. Lin Xiao decides that since Lily is someone she cherishes, she would not reveal this affair. Lily immediately regains her composure and begins planning for her royal birthday. It's all about the money and how fancy the party is for Lily while everyone begins to worry about what to do for the Queen's Birthday. However, after all the planning and all the ordering of what to wear and what not to wear, the birthday ended up just like Christmas in the first movie. It was the Birthday of Tears. 
       First of all, Lily did something that was rather harsh and uncalled for. Believing that she never makes mistakes, she went and invited Wei Hai for Ruby. Wei Hai is Ruby's crush but he has a girlfriend. Upon inviting Wei Hai, it forced Ruby to relive humiliation. Because of that, Ruby's outburst led to many more outbursts. And secrets were revealed. Nan Xiang reveals that Lily had sex with Xi Cheng to everyone and pours wine all over Lily. She then proceeds to coldly walk off breaking off a friendship that was once so strong. It was really dramatic. 
         Following that, Lily's dad dies in a car accident because Lily had rushed him to be at the party faster. At the hospital, as they awaited the news of her father's condition, we see Lin Xiao's stoic boss suffer quietly from whatever he faced. Turns out that Zhou Chong Guang was Gong Ming's (the boss) step brother that he took responsibility for. Zhou Cong Guang was so childishly cute as Lin Xiao expressed her concern and disbelief that he actually had cancer. Lin Xiao's boyfriend, witnessing it, immediately begins suspecting her for the worst even though he was the one that was actually cheating. 
         Lily's dad dies and I thought it was really cold that Nan Xiang didn't go to the funeral. I understand that she feels betrayed that her best friend did this to her but Xi Cheng was an abusive creep. Come on! And when Lily looked down at the will, her mother blames her for the death of her husband and also saying that she was born from an affair the dad had and that she raised a monster. It turns out, the mother that Lily thought she had wasn't even her real mother. 
      I love it when the OST: "Time Boils Rain" comes on. It makes everything so beautifully sad. 
      Then the three girls, Lily, Lin Xiao, and Ruby move to a  new place together. I thought it was hilarious when Lily had to use three moving trucks to bring her things over whereas the other girls all had suitcases. It just shows how strong Lily is to move on and how capable of work she is. It's something that I aspire to be. Lily then has to deal with the fact that Gong Min is trying to buy her Dad's company away using all sorts of methods. However, this ends on such a bitter note for Lin Xiao's relationship with her boyfriend. He's the one that is cheating on her yet had the nerve to say that she's also guilty of cheating and that she's dirty as well because she stayed the night in the author's (Zhou Chong Guang) hospital room the day Lily's dad died. It was totally a way to make his actions justified. And in the end, he didn't even come back to Lin Xiao. However, after a moody fight that Lin Xiao and Lily had, they made up after dealing with Jian Xi's "I'm the victim" ways. 
        Gu Yuan and Lily are so cute and it was nice to see them get back together. They planned a nice revenge to secure the company and also to get revenge on the arranged marriage Gu Yuan's mother had planned. The ending was really beautiful when they had a snowball fight. Ruby went crazy during the snowball fight so it was hilarious. I loved this movie and I thought it was so sad when it ended on Jian Xi's video message back in high school saying that no matter who is by Lin Xiao's side in the future, even if it isn't him, that she'd be happy....and I believe that Lin Xiao and Zhou Chong Guang might just end up together (especially since he's fine after the surgery). 

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