Sunday, January 18, 2015

Boarding House 24

Episodes: 12
Given Synopsis (
What would you do if you found out that you have a 24-year-old child but had no additional information? The owner of a boarding house (Kim Kwang Kyu) learns on his mother’s deathbed that he has a child, but she doesn’t tell him anything else other than the fact that the child is now 24 years old. Determined to locate his offspring, the man researches the children of all of his past relationships and identifies six 24-year-olds (Dongjun of ZE:A, Dohee of Tiny-G, Ken of VIXX, Hyunyoung of Rainbow, High Top of BIGFLO and Kim Sa Eun) – three men and three women – and executes an elaborate plan to get the six to come live at his boarding house. The very different 20-somethings deal with life, love, work and relationships as they all live under one roof. But will the house owner be able to identify which one of these six youngsters is his child? “Boarding House No. 24” is a 2014 South Korean comedy series.

     This drama is pretty short considering that it is only 12 episodes long. However, I think it is important to understand that this is a drama that focuses on comedy. It was pretty funny watching the characters interact and how their different personalities affect how they deal with situations. I enjoyed watching all the idols in this drama. However, other then enjoying the appearance of idols and laughing at the exaggerated moments, this drama did not appeal to me in any other way.  The storyline was a little bit unbelievable and I found it slightly creepy that the dad did all this research to find out who his child is. The best part is that he didn't even know whether his kid was a girl or boy and would randomly side with one of the people in his boarding house when he thought they were his kid.
     I did not enjoy this drama because I don't think that this kind of drama is my type. I'm not saying it was bad because it was pretty funny. It just wasn't for me.

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