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Birth of a Beauty

Episodes: 21 
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Can a woman’s life be saved by completely changing her appearance? Sa Geum Ran is in a desperate situation. With nowhere else to turn, she goes to Han Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook), the heir to a large company who suffers from a broken heart. With Tae Hee’s help, the woman undergoes plastic surgery and transforms into the beautiful Sara (Han Ye Seul). Can Sara adjust to her new life as a stunning beauty while also helping Tae Hee heal his broken heart? “Birth of a Beauty” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Chang Min.

        The beginning was kind of confusing because Sa Geum Ran acted as though she was a completely separate person after she got her plastic surgery. She even commented on her previous appearance as though she was an outsider. That threw me off a lot. I also disliked her husband, Lee Kwang Joon, so much. The guy is such a cheater. I had trouble understanding why the poor girl put up with all his BS and still diligently look after his family.
         This drama started off with a pretty bad message despite being extremely intriguing. It literally started off by saying that if you're not a certain weight and don't look as good, then you don't deserve love. It also started off with a very superficial vibe. Despite not liking this aspect, I think it was to show the contrast of being in an unhealthy relationship and being in a healthy relationship. True, Han Tae Hee was totally superficial at first and had to keep convincing himself that her looks were "fake" so that he doesn't develop a crush on her. However, I really loved that episode when he convinced himself to look past who she is on the outside and who she is on the inside. Even when he saw her for how she originally was before the plastic surgery, he still found himself loving and caring for her. That was really cute to see. You can also see that from this relationship, Sa Geum Ran regained her confidence as Sara and realized that she did not need to worry about superficial and materialistic things to get love and validation. She accepted herself and who she was inside and Han Tae Hee saw her for who she was inside as well.
        It was pretty funny watching Han Tae Hee play this fake doctor and calling her ahjumma all the time. It was such a nice quirk to the relationship. I also adored the revenge aspect of the drama. When the protagonists are out to get the antagonists, they are fierce as hell. I loved it. Their revenge had to be fierce especially when her ex husband made this lie about her killing herself when he was the culprit for forcing her to get into the car accident. His wife, Chaeyeon, was also creepy and manipulative. When she turned her back on Kwang Joon, I was like, "KARMA! OKAY!"  And Kwang Joon's mother and sisters reminded me of Cinderella's stepsisters and stepmother. They were kind of funny and annoying. The only good person in that family was Kwang Joon's father (and that is just sad). And to watch Kwang Joon face all the bad karma was great. It also allowed everyone around him to realize how superficial and horrible he is. All he cared about was looks and money. That was why I thought it was hilarious when he started saying that he loved Sara and then got all whiny and angry when she was like, "But I don't like you."
        Not only did Sa Geum Ran get her revenge but so did Han Tae Hee. It was such a satisfying feeling to watch those trying to ruin Tae Hee's life get arrested. JUSTICE IS SERVED, GUYS.
It did drag in the later episodes. But I actually enjoyed this drama a lot. It was amusing for me to watch. AND IT HAD THE CUTEST ENDING EVER. 

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