Monday, February 16, 2015

Tiny Times 3 (Movie)

      This movie was probably my least favorite of the Tiny Times movies. It just was so weird and unrealistic and because the scenes were choppy, I was confused many times.
        This movie starts off with the girls going on a business trip together.  The girls had fun, they took weird pictures, and they played around. They even bumped into Lily's "little brother." And then, Lin Xiao is on the airplane crying and immediately we're introduced that Zhou Chong Guang is dead. And from the last movie, we basically kind of get the idea that the two are dating. So it was confusing for me because the movie just started and you know five minutes ago, we saw a scene of him with Lily's boyfriend and they both looked perfectly fine. Not to mention, his cancer was taken care of in the second movie. At the funeral, Lin Xiao goes to the casket to see him one last time but Gong Ming wouldn't let her. I was very upset to know that the actor for Gong Ming changed. I really liked the previous actor and I just couldn't get into this new one. 
       Lin Xiao then is depressed and acts half dead. Lily tries to get Lin Xiao to do daily tasks like taking a shower and tells her to get her act together but Lin Xiao blows Lily off saying that she can't be as cold as Lily is. Offended, Lily leaves the shower with the water running on the fully clothed Lin Xiao. This is when the relationship flashbacks are shown. It was a really cute and simple way to show how great the relationship was and depicting how much she hurt without dragging these scenes out. Nan Xiang then comes into the shower to turn off the water and to comfort her while Lin Xiao says that no one would love her as much as he had. Following that, Lin Xiao had one of those New Moon depression scenes (Yes, I'm talking about one of the Twilight movies). Lin Xiao did the Bella thing where she sat in front of a window expressionless and watched the seasons pass and life move on. 
       Nan Xiang's ex boyfriend is extremely annoying and keeps bothering her while she has to deal with her mom's problematic gambling problems. Her ex boyfriend shows his abusive side once again by hitting her simply because she said that she didn't want to get back with him. While Nan Xiang cries, Wei Hai appears and recognizes her. Meanwhile, Gu Yuan is buying a ring and getting ready to propose to Lily. Ruby and Lin Xiao tease him as they fantasize the whole situation.
       Moving forward, there is that weird appearance of another one of Lily's little brothers. That was weird. There are just so many little brothers popping out in this movie. Then we see this weird blond version of Zhou Chong Guang walking around the company as the new model. His name is Shaun. Lin Xiao spots him and starts stalking him because of the uncanny resemblance to her dead boyfriend. After this, I was very confused. It was a jumble of thoughts. Like: what's up with Chong Guang? That is Chong Guang right? What is happening?  Did Gu Yuan just take Lily's position? What is this weird spy mission?
        Lin Xiao finds out that Shaun is Chong Guang which led to a very sad scene of her screaming into the streets for him to come out and face her while he hides behind a tree. Both were crying. It was painful to watch but it was confusing. His motives were so weird. Lin Xiao then finds out that Lily had suspicions about  Chong Guang's death and felt hurt that this information was withheld from her. Ruby sees Wei Hai kissing Nan Xiang and is infuriated because she had a crush on him for so long. Nan Xiang tries to clear up the misunderstanding to no avail and then told Wei Hai that she had no feelings for him. Lin Xiao's crying in the snow. Lily had a failed proposal. Gu Yuan's trying to get the ring out of the sewer. Ruby's crying in front of their high school picture while crossing out Nan Xiang. She then packs and leaves the home. Chong Guang tells his brother that he's old and is ready to be independent and that his brother doesn't have to worry about him anymore. That was a depressing birthday for Gong Min but it was a progressive step for Chong Guang. Ruby and Nan Xiang then fight and then Lily and Lin Xiao fight. However, both end up making up with one another especially when Nan Xiang's debtors get involved in the fight. Ruby defends Nan Xiang like how Nan  Xiang used to defend her back in high school and Ruby ends up getting hit in the face with a brick.
         I thought it was hilarious when Ruby woke up at the hospital and faked amnesia just to scare Lin Xiao. Everything was okay by the end of the movie. Gu Yuan and Lily are still cute as ever.The movie ends with Lin  Xiao getting encountered by someone in a bear costume. The person in the costume did the secret handshake that belonged to Chong Guang. This movie is leading up to the fourth. The trailer for the next movie seems to be very dramatic and I am actually looking forward to that one because I didn't like this movie that much. 


  1. Have you watch Tiny Times 4 yet? If you have .. please share some of your thoughts. I've watched it just recently, and for me, I felt devastated that the series has actually come to an end. I want to share some of my sorrowful, and yet warming moments I personally experienced upon watching this whole series. I really want to share my insights with you as they're are no one around me who are actually keen on listening to me rant and praise specific scenes. Look forward to hearing from you :))

    1. I'll be sure to check it out and hope to hear from you soon!

  2. I was not able to find your review on the first two instalments of the series (Tiny Times 1 and 2). I am assuming you have watched it, and would like to hear your opinions of the movie. I personally really enjoyed the first two instalments despite the low ratings from critics, and their harsh criticism. Did you agree to the opinions from the critics?

    1. It is on my blog but you have to look for it. So I'll just link it to you below.
      I feel the same way as you. I actually enjoyed it despite the low ratings. It had issues, it had emotional stuff, and it was almost beautifully artsy. I actually enjoyed the first two a lot more than the third. The third was a bit all over the place for me and I didn't like some of the new actor changes. It also seemed more irrational with the whole cat fighting and stuff.
      The first two I really enjoyed because I loved the cinematography and the drama and how the relationship works. The dynamics between the characters fascinated me. Sometimes critics do judge on a different scale so I'm sure they have their reasons but everyone is different and like different things so I enjoyed these movies. So personally, I really enjoyed it.

      Tiny Times:

      Tiny Times 2:

  3. Are you planning to watch Tiny Times 4 any time soon?

    1. I do have plans but I haven't found the clip anywhere yet.