Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Prime Minister and I/Prime Minister is Dating

This drama ended? What? I felt that the ending was a little abrupt. Maybe it was because I was starting to get tired of the drama's slow progress or maybe I just felt that the ending could have been a little better.  I started off this drama excited and happy. The beginning was amazing because it was touching, funny, and it reminded me of The Sound of Music. Yoona is gorgeous as always. I am actually quite enjoying the performance of the Prime Minister. He's so amusing in many scenes. It's also nice to see Yoon Si Yoon in the drama too even though he's the second lead. 

But if you aren't into contract marriage dramas, then heads up, this is a contract marriage drama. So you'll probably already guess that the two in the contract marriage are going to end up falling in love and actually staying in the marriage for real. It is the typical story line for contract marriages. 

              Kwon Yul is a prime minister candidate and is pretty popular among women and so he is basically treated as a celebrity figure in a way. He's a strong candidate and struggles with learning to raise his three children (Two sons, 1 daughter) alone while being strict with them, disciplining them, and teaching them how to be role models and to avoid revealing information to reporters. Na Da Jeong, on the other hand, is a young and lively reporter for a magazine that only features scandals and all that. Basically, she's a paparazzi/reporter. So when they hear that Kwon Yul is a big topic, Na Da Jeong is sent to find out some of his secrets/ is he dating his secretary? What's up with his love life?
        However, time and time again, they meet and there are some misunderstandings. Man Se, one of the prime minister's kids (youngest son), really likes Da Jeong and ends up looking up to Da Jeong as a mother figure. Da Jeong's father wanted her to get married and was ill, so she asked for a contract marriage lasting only 6 months to help fulfill her father's wishes. The prime minister refused until he found out information on her situation and realized the truth in her words. So they got married (by contract). They begin to learn from one another. The prime minister begins to relax and the children open up to Da Jeong and the prime minister. They all begin to look at her as a mother figure and got along quite well. Da Jeong was the first to acknowledge her growing feelings for her husband-by-contract. The prime minister also began to feel something but was constantly brought down with guilt that he was somehow disappointing his past wife. 
        Ryu Jin is Kwon Yul's rival and he is there to constantly rub it in the prime minister's face. His sister happened to be Kwon Yul's past wife and he always blamed Kwon Yul for the death of his sister. He's not the only one with a grudge. Kang In Ho, a top elite officer that follows the Prime Minister as a security guard, also feels resentment on behalf of his brother who is in a coma. It just so happened the death of his past wife and the brother of Kang In Ho were in the same car when the accident happened. Kang In Ho begins to fall in love with Da Jeong, cautiously, as he found out about her ties with the Prime Minister and began to question where she had her proprieties set. After realizing the truth, he continues to like her causing misunderstandings and awkward moments. Meanwhile, the secretary/assistant of the Prime Minister, Seo Hye Joo, was also trying to distract herself from her crush that she had on the Prime Minister for all these years. Then shocking events occur when they realize that the wife is not dead and when the couple begins to question if they could really be together. It has a good story line but I wonder why I feel that the ending was so abrupt. Maybe it's just me...

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