Sunday, March 2, 2014

Good Doctor

I'm sorry that I was not able to post this right after watching this drama. I have a lot going on lately and could not dedicate myself to writing these posts as often as I could before. Hopefully, you guys have kept an eye on my tumblr blog to see what's up. As it has been a while since I watched it, I remember feeling that this was a very cute drama and that the relationship between the two characters was nice to see. I felt that it was touching with all these different stories within this as well as a growing romance between one who could not express himself that well and one who accepts all that. 

       Park Si On has a savant syndrome which causes him to have child-like mannerisms and difficulty expressing himself. However, he was a medical genius and ended up working at a hospital in hopes of being pediatric surgeon. As a child, he adored his medical kit and his brother. His older brother always protected him from the neighborhood bullies and the two shared a strong connection. Then a traumatic incident occurred which resulted in the death of his older brother. Si On continued on in hopes of saving more kids so that they would have the future his brother was not able to have. However, his brilliant mind in medicine was not accepted by many doctors and it caused conflict between Kim Do Han and him. Kim Do Han is one of the best pediatric surgeons in Korea and had to work alongside with Park Si On unwillingly. 

       With different approaches and ways, Kim Do Han and Park Si On begin to develop a liking toward Cha Yoon Seo who works with them. Things get complicated and the relationship between Si On and Kim Do Han gradually became better. I really liked the character development through the drama though I wanted to punch some characters in the face while watching this. 

        The side stories in this drama were also very touching and enlightening. This was a cute drama and I thought Joo Won did a great job acting his role. I also developed a liking for many of the characters who worked there and I was glad to see that Kim Do Han began acting like a big brother for Park Si On.  I also liked how Park Si On's relationship grew with an understanding of his mannerisms and that they managed to get along. 

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