Saturday, April 5, 2014

Deja Vu

This drama was pretty good in the beginning.I really liked the OST and the plot that they were setting up. They could do so much with the plot as long as they play it out right with good scenes and good acting.
I started off feeling ambivalent about this drama. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. Overtime, it began to get interesting and then it slowly began to drag. It made me wonder how long this plot was going to drag out and when it was going to end.
At the beginning, I could not help but feel slightly annoyed at how depressed the girl was and how she wasn't thinking anything clearly or living her life to the fullest in hopes of changing her fate. The girl is always stuck in the past (sad and all). But I try to understand her situation and it is actually is really interesting. And the OSTs...are so beautiful. There are times when the background music is a bit louder than the voices of the characters, but that's alright because if you are watching it from a source that provides the subs, then you're good to go.
The character development wasn't the best of the best since I felt many of the characters stayed rather consistent and also didn't really change after major events. However, I liked how You Xi's character changed and matured through this entire drama despite being the antagonist. From a young age, she was compared to Hai Lin since they were half-sisters. She was always doing things that she didn't want to do under her mother's watchful eye and was constantly taught how she had to fight to get the things she had. Later on in the drama, she ends up fighting for Xi Wei's love from Hai Lin and did the most ridiculous and crazy things. As it continued on, she slowly pushes them away and then realizes her wrongs and moves past it all. I just felt that it showed her grow and mature as a person and leave the mindset that she had as a child to always compete, compare, and fight.
As for the ending of this drama, I was absolutely shocked with how bad it was. At that point, the drama between Hai Lin, You Xi, Xi Wei, their fates, and the things sacrificed to go back in time were dragging out. So I expected some happy ending which made up for all the disasters that took place in this drama. But I really hated the ending because it didn't really fit into what was happening and it just felt like the writers put it there so that we'd be like, "Aw, love triumphs all," when in reality, I think the majority went: "wtf."

Provided Synopsis:
When given the chance, can a woman get the same man to fall in love with her all over again? Hai Lin (Mandy Wei) is an accomplished professional ballerina whose life is as wonderful as she could have hoped. Engaged to the love of her life, Xi Wei (How Yao), and pregnant with his child, Hai Lin looks forward to their marriage and to settled bliss. But all of her dreams end tragically one day when a terrible car accident takes Xi Wei’s life and makes her miscarry. Devastated, Hai Lin is upset enough to try to take her own life, but a wise magician appears in her life and makes her an offer she can’t refuse. The magician gives Hai Lin the chance to go back in time to relive her life with Xi Wei — but only if she agrees to give up her most cherished thing. 
        Saving her love was the most important. So she immediately went back in time to save her love from the fire in which they first met. She got her foot injured from a flying shard of glass. And with that, she sacrificed the one thing that was important to her. Ballet. And with that, her ballerina career also vanished in this new life. Xi Wei then believed that it was Hai Lin's half-sister who saved him from the fire. He starts to date You Xi but didn't really feel as strongly as You Xi did to him. Despite desperately avoiding him and living in her own personal despair, time and time again, she encounters Xi Wei and helps him in many ways with his business and life. 
        As time goes on, Xi Wei acknowledges his growing feelings for Hai Lin while another man, Director Fang, begins to fall in love with Hai Lin. Director Fang knowing that Hai Lin went back in time to save Xi Wei began to try to help her get over him and look forward to a new future. However, instead of listening to him since he was trying to help her reach the goal she wanted to, she pushed him away and demanded him to stay out of her business. And contradicting herself, she ends up running to help Xi Wei and not trying to move to a new future where their fates won't bring a downfall on one person. When she decided she could not give up on Xi Wei, Director Fang began to encourage and support her again saying that she should have the courage to love because no one knows if they are destined to be separated. 
       The two end up falling for one another again and Xi Wei breaks up with You  Xi. Unwilling, You Xi begins to compete against Hai Lin and tries to win Xi Wei back at all cost. After going through much turmoil and many situations that tested the strength of their relationship, the couple finally gets together. Now, I'm going to explain what I think the ending is interpreted to mean since it was kind of confusing. Basically, they were destined not to be together but they fought against fate and were getting married. So the magician that had done many transactions with them before, told them that in order for them to be together, more sacrifices her to be made. The two agree because of their love for one another. It turns out that in order for them to love and live peacefully, Xi Wei had to grow old. And even so, the two still loved one another for who they were and ended up getting married. A sacrifice had to be made and that was Xi Wei's youth. And since he did that, the couple finally gets to be together and they no longer worried about how Xi Wei's appearance is now of an old man. I guess it is one of those "love triumphs all and can change the fates of others" drama. 

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