Sunday, March 2, 2014

I Need Romance 2

This drama is very similar to I Need Romance only with different cast members and a new story line and new scenarios. Again, we have two possible men for our female lead to choose from. Again, the drama follows three women who are best friends and the different situations in their love lives and so forth. Just like in the first I Need Romance, I actually preferred the second male lead a lot better and I thought he was much more supportive, caring, and understanding of her needs than the first male lead.
      Personally (do not hate me for this, just a personal opinion), I did not like this drama that much. Compared to the first season and the current season (I Need Romance 3), I did not like this drama. I did not like how slowly the relationship was building and how they picked fights with one another constantly. It was wearing me out and I constantly wanted to stop watching.

        Yeol Mae and her best friends are all in their thirties. They are all successful women with different careers and who enjoy their independent lifestyles along with taking care of their love lives. Yeol Mae's life would be consummate if her love life wasn't so complicated. She had been in a relationship with her boyfriend Seok Hyun for along time. They met when they were very, very young and grew up together. They had eventually started dating but ended up breaking up five times.  Their relationship was not getting any better and was heading for the worse. It was also a very confusing relationship as they ended up being just friends and neighbors who live together.
        They continue on having a very close relationship but deny that there are any emotional attachments. Then comes along Ji Hoon, her new love interest, who owns a coffee shop. Yeol  Mae and Ji  Hoon fall in love with one another which instigates the jealousy from Seok Hyun. He realizes he is still in love with her and is not ready to give up on their relationship.

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