Monday, May 27, 2013

Waking up Love

This drama has the same story as The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog because it is a remake. It was still very nice with Roy Qiu and Tang Yan acting as the main roles. 

      Liu Xiao Bei is a lively girl who lives with her mother and little brother in a village called Tao Li. She always dreamed of her own fairy tale love story. She decides to enter a competition to be the princess of the Hao Li Corporation.The competition prize was money which she wanted to win to give the village school a piano. She always dreamed of meeting her own prince. The first guy that she meets and befriends is Ji Ru  Feng. At first, she feels like he is her prince. 
       Meanwhile, she had a lot of arguments and bad encounters with the CEO named Xiang Tian Qi. However, after a bad event, he loses his memories and stays in Tao  Li with Xiao Bei. Xiao Bei adopts him for the meantime and falls in love with him. They become a couple. However, when he regains his memories, he forgets about her. The two are faced with challenges both in love and in business. They must work together to save themselves, their homes, and problems start arising. It was a really sweet drama. 
        Ji Ru Feng, also known as Eric, is the spokesperson for Hao Li. He is handsome, easy going, and loves Zhi Qing. Zhi Qing is a girl that grew up with Tian Qi and Zhi Qing. He never revealed his feelings for Zhi Qing knowing that she is devoted to Tian Qi. But slowly, he begins to open up towards Zhi Qing expressing his feelings. Zhi Qing is a clever manager of Hao Li and wanted to be Tian Qi's wife at a young age. But over time, she begins to accept  Ru Feng's affection. 

The main thing that irritated me about this drama were the dubbed voices making them sound all fake. But the acting wasn't that bad. The character Liu Xiao Bei seemed too naive too me and I wish there were some improvements to her character. However, other than that, I actually enjoyed this fairy tale story. 

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