Sunday, May 26, 2013

Home, Sweet Home/ Wo Jia You Xi/ 我家有囍 &非常有囍

      This was a very interesting drama that I enjoyed watching. It is a Chinese drama.
It showed all sides of a family, the good and the bad. In the Bai family, the father was a soldier. He has four daughters and he raised them all in military style. They had to exercise, train, and also be taught the virtues of being a soldier. However, as the daughters grow up, their personalities became more and more distinct and they began to lead different life styles.
         The oldest, Bai Jin Xi, was a goody-goody. She listened to her parents and went to go meet other matches through blind dates. She was also very good mannered and very kind. In the end, she married a good guy. Bai Mu Xi and Bai Shui Xi are "twins" but have absolutely different personalities. Bai Mu Xi is the good daughter with good grades and following her father's wishes of being a soldier. Bai Shui Xi wants to be someone in the entertainment world and does a lot of naive things that can bring trouble. Bai Huan Xi is the youngest and had a relationship with her tutor (a college student) and got pregnant at a young age. Thankfully, the guy was responsible.
          In this family, though everything seems to be in order: the name roll calls, the discipline, and everyone fearing their father, it was still dysfunctional and funny at times. It showed all sides of what a family could experience as the daughters grow older. The father began to realize that his children will have to live their own lives instead of following what he wanted of them and began to accept that overtime. Bai Jin Xi faced some problems and misunderstandings in her marriage. Bai Mu Xi liked a guy named Chen Shu Hang, only to find out that he was starting to like her twin sister. However, a guy that was six years younger than Bai Mu Xi liked her and was very good to her. Bai Shui Xi, after causing a lot of problems, got a job at a company and became a model and then an actress. She married  Chen Shu Hang and had a lovely relationship. However, to get away from his ex girlfriend trying to ruin their love, he left the company and went to search for a new job. They began to experience problems as Bai Shui Xi gets more famous. Chen Shu Hang begins to feel like he wasn't really supporting her in any way and he also constantly misunderstood that she has an affair with another male actor (but that actor was only a friend). They had a lot of arguments and all of the arguments seemed really realistic. Bai Huan Xi had no problems in her marriage as her husband cared for her. She had a daughter. But her mother-in-law makes life a bit hard for her.
          However, as these problems spring, one by one they all get resolved. They all end for the better. It was a great drama to watch because you see how they overcome misunderstandings and hardships together. It truly was touching for them to realize that they shouldn't hurt each other when they both love each other. It was also touching to see how they all found their match throughout the drama. I highly recommend this.

P.S. But personally, I thought  Bai Mu Xi's wedding dress at the end was really ugly. It was a red dress with components of a soldier uniform. I didn't like the dress all that much.

Also, if any of you watched the new version of HZGG aka My Fair Princess, a lot of the cast were in here.  Although the actors of Zi Wei and Er Kang in that drama were not together in this, they did say in an interview that the make up artists still call them: "Zi Wei" and "Er Kang."

(I watched it somewhere where they combined both seasons together. I think there were two seasons that linked with one another in this drama.)

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  1. Do you know where I can watch this drama with English sub or recap? Thanks.