Sunday, July 3, 2016

Oh My Ghostess

Episodes: 16
 Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) can see ghosts and because of it she rarely sleeps at night and is often very timid. She works at the Sun Restaurant which is run by the chef Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk). Kang Sun Woo was once a pushover as a child but grew up to be a cocky, confident fellow and often finds Na Bong Sun's timid personality a bit frustrating. Na Bong Sun has a crush on Kang Sun Woo but hides it away and watches him from afar. Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi) is a high spirited ghost who has amnesia about her past and how she died. She wanders about trying to go to heaven peacefully and believes the one thing holding her back is because she is a virgin ghost. Thus she begins to enter the bodies of attractive women to seduce men but was unsuccessful in all cases because the men would all fall in. That was until she entered Na Bong Sun's body and found they were compatible to each other. The two then strike a deal that Na Bong Sun will let Shin Soon Ae use her body to lose her virginity and Shin Soon Ae would help Na Bong Sun seduce Kang Sun Woo.

This drama reminded me of Master's Sun in a way since the main character can see ghosts and can't really sleep because the ghosts come to see her or bother her. The ghost reminds me of Arang from Arang and the Magistrate because she's very quirky and sassy. I loved this drama because it was very fast paced, comical, cute, and funny. It is also nice to see characters be so sexually open as the ghost was literally trying to seduce a man the first half of the drama so that her soul could go to peace of not being a virgin. As it went on, it was so interesting to see more of the spirit world and physical world tie in here and there. There were a lot of themes going on about friendship, family, life, and death. It was a very beautiful drama and it did not focus on the idea of losing a virginity too much. I felt like that goal was more for the comedy effect and it worked because it was funny.
        I liked how this drama tried to tie up a lot of plot holes that wouldn't have worked out well. For instance, I felt a bit suspicious at first and I thought: "If Kang Sun Woo falls in love with Na Bong Sun...he's not really in love with her but is instead in love with the ghost." Thankfully, the writers took care of that in a very mature way and allowed the drama to continue successfully along the way. I also liked the relationship that Shin Soon Ae had with everyone and how she used Na Bong Sun's body to establish the same connections to her past life. I like how in a way Shin Soon Ae got Na Bong Sun to watch over her remaining family as well. It was very touching.
       There was also a lot of character development as well. The once quiet and timid girl was possessed and befriended by a confident, loud ghost. The two learn from one another and slowly Na Bong Sun also begins to find her voice with a little help of Shin Soon Ae. I was also fairly satisfied with the ending as it was touchingly sad at first and then it ended on a very happy note. I liked this drama a lot as it was light-hearted with great characters and amazing actors. (Props to Park Bo Young for being able to portray two roles both so well. When she acted as the ghost, she really did give off that vibe).

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