Thursday, July 7, 2016

Penny Pinchers (Movie)


       This movie is about two people who live next door to one another. One is unemployed and always bluffing to attract women. His name is Chun Ji Woong and he is played by the actor Song Joong Ki. The other is a woman who lives in a frugal manner and saves money in every way she can.She is called Gu Hong Sil and is played by the actress Han Ye Seul. The two are complete opposites. When Hong Sil hears that Ji Woong was going to be evicted, she tries to help him and at the same time get him to help her reach her financial deposit goals at her bank. However, things don't turn out so well even as the two get closer to one another.  
       This was a movie that was filled with comedy. There were also some sexual jokes that were made such as when he ran to go buy condoms but didn't have enough money and so forth. Personally, other than the comedic scenes, this movie was really boring for me. I wasn't that interested in the story line nor was I that invested in the characters of this movie. I found the characters kind of annoying even though I loved the actors. I feel like this movie would've done better if it had more depth, character development, and an interesting story line. 

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