Monday, June 27, 2016

Pure Love (Movie)

            After seeing clips of this movie all over my Facebook feed, I decided to check it out. This movie was so beautiful and touching. It gave me all the feels and even made me cry. The story is a nostalgic look on the past by a couple of friends. Radio DJ Bum Sil receives a letter that makes him remember his teenage years. His friends, listening to the radio, also reminisce on the past. They think back on friendships, first loves, and their youth. It was very touching watching the friends play together and support one another. It was very realistic and heartwarming in a lot of scenes. I enjoyed this movie greatly and would recommend this for others to watch. I won't get into detail with this movie because I think it is better to watch this and feel the full impact of it yourself without giving you any spoilers.

          It got pretty sad and depressing as it went on but it was still a wonderful watch nonetheless. 

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