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Fall In Love With Me

Episodes: 20
Synopsis ( 
A man at the peak of his career and fame suddenly walks away from it all. Lu Tian Xing/Xiao Lu (Aaron Yan) is a renowned prodigy in the advertising industry who makes a surprise announcement that he is taking three months off and goes off the grid. Going by the name Xiao Lu, he re-surfaces with his new persona at the ad agency of Tao Le Si (Tia Li), a young woman who is struggling to keep her deceased brother’s agency afloat and away from sharks trying to take it over like the former Tian Xing. What could Tian Xing have in mind and will he ever return to his former high-profile life? “Fall in Love With Me” is a 2014 Taiwanese drama series.

        It was really interesting to see Aaron Yan act with Tia Li after acting with her bandmate Guo Puff in the drama Just You. It was nice to see the change in partner and how the chemistry shifted into a different form. It was also interesting to see that one of Puff's friends from Just You also appeared here. However, I did not like this drama as much as I liked Just You. I felt that Tao Le Si was a very weak female character despite her ability to maintain her brother's advertising company. She wasn't witty or bubbly but rather serious and awkward for the majority of the drama. I felt the chemistry that Aaron Yan was trying to project through his eyes and kissing but I couldn't see the two together as a couple. It felt awkward for the most part. 
       However, I would recommend this drama for anyone that wants something fluffy filled with romance and friendship and conspiring, dramatic evil people. It was still a cute drama with all the things required for a fun watch. It had second leads, company issues, love, and also the big issue that Lu Tian Xing had to make Tao Le Si see that he is the same person as Xiao Lu (who he pretends is another person). I still don't understand how she was unable to see how similar Xiao Lu and Tian Xing were to each other considering they were one person. Everyone was too trusting on the idea that Xiao Lu was a different person that looks similar to Lu Tian Xing and I found it odd that no one suspected that the dude was lying about looking similar to Lu Tian Xing and is actually Lu Tian Xing until the very end. Surely nobody can be that blind, right? But to my dismay, they kind of were. And it was interesting to see how Lu Tian Xing's worst love rival was himself while Tao Le Si had to realize her true feelings for two people that looked identical as well as recognize that they are the same person. On the bright side, because of the two characters Aaron Yan had to project, we saw two sides of him. One was the cold, business-like Lu Tian  Xing and the other was the cute, dorky Xiao Lu who got close to Tao Le Si. 
      I had frustrations throughout this drama though. I mean, why couldn't Lu Tian Xing just tell her the truth? Yeah, it's probably a big deal and it can lead to complications considering Tao Le Si despises Lu Tian Xing. But if he explained his motives and why this was happening, I' m sure that she'll come to understand. Again, it was my high expectations for drama land. I also felt that Tao Le  Si's character was not attractive when Xiao Lu left her life. It showed how weak and delusional and crazy the girl can get. She was depressed and dramatic. I considered understanding her because it was heartbreak but it got to a point where she went crazy and she wasn't listening and she was running in the rain and not trying to be open to new ideas. It frustrated me and her character had no emotion throughout the whole freaking drama. Her face was the same the whole freaking drama.  I was constantly torn between the emotional and expressive Aaron Yyan and the expressionless Tia Li. Big difference. I also despised the whole conspiracy part to get Lu Tian Xing to marry Huan Huan. Huan Huan is the girl that grew up with Lu Tian  Xing and has this mindset that she is destined to be with him and that it is meant to be. I was hopeful that she would not be the bitch of the drama because she started off giving us this impression that she's spoiled, young, immature, very little sister-like, and someone that only knows how to whine. I was hoping that she'd be like the cousin from the drama Perfect  Couple and that she would not pose a threat. But after a ridiculous accident upon a cliff, the girl is injured for a while and she ends up faking the injury because her brother thought it was best for her to do so until the very end. She got increasingly bitter, angry, and had to constantly remind everyone that she was the only one for Lu Tian Xing when it was evident that marrying her was going to be torture and forced on his side. I personally hate when dramas have those kind of storylines because it's manipulative and ridiculous at how helpless everyone is. Like I just wanted to shake Huan Huan and get her brother's words out of her head and tell her that that is not the way to find love by manipulating them to stay with you.
      Even though, the unrealistic aspects and scenarios frustrated me. There were parts that I did enjoy. In episode 8, I thought it was a very hauntingly sad scene that was extremely similar to the scene that appeared in Tiny Times 3 (movie). Strangely, that is one scene that I will never get over because in both this drama and that movie, it was portrayed hauntingly beautiful. Basically, you have Tao Le Si confiding in Xiao Lu that she fell in love with him while Lu Tian Xing's mindset was for her to forget the fake character he made and fall in love with him. So he disappears while she's making a wish resulting in her crying for him to come out while he's crying and hiding from her behind this wall. The funniest unrealistic scenario that I ever saw was in episode 11. You have Lu Tian Xing holding on to both Tao Le Si and Huan Huan as they dangle off of a cliff. It was the funniest thing because it wasn't really a cliff. It was like a grassy hill that led to these rocks in the ocean. It was the hypothetical "If I was hanging off a cliff with this person, who would you save?" It was hilarious. And I was so shocked at how stupid they were in dealing with the situation. Considering that Lu Tian Xing already was holding on to them, the girls could have easily curled up so that their foot gets a grip on the grass and slowly make their way up. They didn't. And Huan Huan's injury did not seem realistic to me because she was already in a vertical position. With the grass and her shoes and her position, I saw no reason why she couldn't stop herself from falling on to the rocks. Also if Lu Tian Xing can walk down the freaking hill to go get Huan Huan, it is not that bad. But I mean, it was a good laugh. I also loved that part where Lu Tian Xing and Tao Le Si were outdoors just having this make out session. That was a beautiful scene.
       As for the ending, I felt it was kind of abrupt in a way because of all the drama that happened before the end. It was very typical that everyone got their happy endings in the end and everyone's happy. So I can't say I hated the ending nor can I say I liked it. I'll just leave it at that.

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