Monday, November 11, 2013

Master's Sun

This was an amazing drama that I enjoyed. I loved it so much. It was so simple and natural. I loved the actors and the different stories behind each ghost. It was well done and the soundtrack was absolutely lovely and fun. I wished that it could've been longer but it was perfect just the way it is. The ending also made me feel good. Great drama and I would definitely recommend this. This was fun, cute, and the random ghosts that appeared kept the story interesting. It was a very nice drama to watch and I enjoyed every bit of it.

    Tae Gong Sil was involved in an accident a few years ago. After that, she was able to see and hear ghosts. She lived in constant fear and rarely slept. She didn't wash her hair and didn't look her best when she went out. Ghosts followed and chased her just to have her do favors for them. Before her accident and her ability to see ghosts, she was known as the Big Sun among her friends (Tae yang: Sun; Miss Tae). However, after the accident, she ended all connections with her friends. She lives in a rooftop room and cleans around the place where she's living. 
     One night, she came across Joong Won. He is the president of a shopping mall named Kingdom. He's arrogant and calculative. He is also very cold. It just so happened that whenever she touched Joong Won, the ghosts would disappear and she wouldn't see them or sense them. Because of his ability to keep her from seeing ghosts, she went to go find him at Kingdom. At first he didn't believe that she could see ghosts and figured she was just a bit crazy and didn't pay too much attention to her. But he came to realize that she could be a big help towards him and Kingdom. She starts off working as a part of the cleaning department at Kingdom and interacted with several ghosts within the mall. 
      As they get closer, Joong Won asks her to look for Heejoo (his ex-girlfriend who stole his money but died in a car accident). He was kidnapped then and had to read something (which traumatized him resulting him not being able to read).
So he has this bitter resentment towards his ex-girlfriend and wants Tae Gong Sil to help find out where his money is. He calls her the million-dollar radar. Throughout the drama, each episode was a different ghost story asking her for help. I loved the interactions between the ghosts, the individual stories, and the connection between the main characters. The acting was amazing and their chemistry was really unique and fun to watch.
         Her friends called Tae Gong Sil the big sun when they attended school. But there was also a little sun at the school. She's called Tae Yi Ryung and she's an actress now. She's pretty and a bit cocky. I was worried that I would hate her since she might cause problems between the main couple. Thankfully, she didn't pose too much of a threat throughout the drama and I got to say, I found her really cute throughout the drama. She liked Kang Woo and did everything to chase after him. As for Kang Woo, he liked Tae Gong Sil. He was really nice to her and she liked him at one point also. But I was really confused with his character because I wasn't sure if he was pretending to like her or actually liked her. At the end, I think he did truly like her but she already moved on.
        I loved this drama. It was fun, the ghosts were scary at first but they are actually not that bad as you continue on, the mini stories in each episode was very cute, the interactions between all the actors were enjoyable, and the acting was great. This definitely is one of my favorite dramas.

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