Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Terracotta Warrior/Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior

This is a drama that takes place in three time periods with a concept of love and reincarnation. I really enjoyed this drama because the three stories were all unique and humorous in their own ways. I found a lot of the scenes very romantic and it was interesting to watch and see how they seemed to still have a form of connection to their past lives together. I enjoyed it and I always like these dramas that have to deal with different time periods.

       Our story starts off in the Qin dynasty. Han Dong er is a girl of spunk and is the daughter of a teacher. She loves stars a lot and one day saw shooting stars fall from the sky. These shooting stars caused a lot of chaos for those working on the terracotta warriors. Meng Tian Fang is the general who kept a close watch on the making of the terracotta warriors. The next day, Han Dong er decided she wanted to go find the shooting stars. She found fragments of pieces as she went along and just so happened upon the emperor who was being chased down by assassins. She didn't know it was the emperor but tried to help him. However, she accidentally hit the emperor and got mistaken as an assassin instead by Meng Tian Fang. The emperor began to like her and knew that she had tried to save him so he demanded them keep her at the terracotta place. Scared, she managed to get away. She only came back, dressed as a man, to find her butterfly pendant and ended up working there until she got found out. 
        Overtime, Meng Tian Fang also came to like her, especially after finding out that she was a girl. So Han Dong er is in between this love triangle. However, she chooses Meng Tian Fang. They face a lot together. Meanwhile, people in the palace, were making an elixir of immortality. Han Dong er stole one of the immortality medicine. Meng Tian Fang and her fall in love and she loses her virginity to him. However, they get found out by the emperor. Infuriated, he punishes them and orders that Meng Tian Fang be turned into a terracotta warrior alive. Before wrapping him with cloth and then clay, Han Dong er went up to him and gave him the medicine. However, this medicine didn't play much of an important role besides that people wanted to have it. Han Dong er ended up accompanying him and got burned alive.
         Now, it is the early 1900s. Zhu Li  Li, a reincarnation of Han Dong er, is an aspiring actress. Her childhood friend, Lan Tian, is the reincarnation of Meng Tian Fang. They know nothing about their past lives. However, they are currently filming a drama together and it is the exact story of Meng Tian Fang and Han Dong er. The truth is that this drama wasn't actually for entertainment purposes. The director, a reincarnation of the emperor, wants to find the tomb of the Qin emperor and see if there are any "living" terracotta warriors. Zhu  Li Li and Lan Tian ended up actually falling into the tomb. Lan Tian notices a terracotta warrior that looks very similar to him and while observing, in a sudden moment, the spirit within the terracotta warrior entered Lan Tian's body. This was hilarious because it was actually Meng Tian Fang's spirit and he didn't know that Han  Dong er already died. So he believed that Zhu Li Li was the love of his life. There were a lot of moments where he didn't understand the world around him but he still protected her. Zhu Li  Li was beginning to fall in love with Lan Tian so she didn't understand why he became this "Meng Tian Fang." A lot of people believed that maybe he got hit on the head and believed that he was the drama role he was acting as, Meng Tian Fang. However, there were some people who believed he may just be a living terracotta. They enter the tomb which had a lot of traps and dangers. This story ends with Zhu Li Li taking a bullet for Lan Tian/Meng Tian Fang and Meng Tian Fang realized that the love that he knew wasn't going to be here even if Zhu Li Li was a reincarnation. 
          Now it's set in modern day China..or at least it was modern when this drama came out. They don't remember any of their past lives and they will not remember it to the very end of the story. But I liked it because it was like this. They start to find out more of the story of Han Dong er and Meng Tian Fang and also the story of Zhu Li Li as they tried to solve the puzzle of the living terracotta and protect the emperor's tomb. A Japanese man named Haneda claims he's the descendant of Xu Fu (who made the elixir) and wants to find it. As a lot of drama is involved in this as they try to figure things out, I felt it was also very light-hearted between the main leads. They don't know who each other is from their past lives but they still fell in love. And it was the sweetest ending ever because he said the exact same thing that Meng Tian Fang had said, that he would love her even if it was a thousand years later. And it shows that even though they don't remember their past lives, their soul remembers and that no matter what their love story won't change.  

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