Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just You

This drama was perfect in so many ways. It was funny, it was adorable, it as romantic, and it was just a great drama that kept me hooked. It was funny and light-hearted and it was also kind of realistic in some cases. It was a great drama to watch and it was very enjoyable. In every episode, there were scenes that had me laughing out loud and scenes that made me squeal. The story was amazing, the characters were fun to watch, the interactions were amusing, and the buildup to the relationship was adorable to watch. I was extremely pleased with the ending and I am so glad I came across this drama and I would recommend all to watch this because it was definitely make you smile. The chemistry between the actors were also very cute and fun to watch.

     Cheng Liang Liang is a kind-hearted and naive girl. She loves roses and her goldfish (that she treats as a child). She is very warm-hearted and she loves her friends and parents. She is also extremely friendly to others and always smiling. Not to mention, one trait that I can really connect with, she loves to eat. It just so happened that one day, she discovers that someone had bought the house she was renting. Refusing to leave as she had just recently paid rent, she ends up having to live together with this person.  This person is Qi Yi. He's very cold and very demanding, he gave a lot of rules that she had to abide when living in his house. Some of those things include keeping the place clean and organized, and making sure that the bathroom is dry after she showers, and so forth.
     Not only does she have to deal with him at home but he just so happened to be the boss of the company where she works. Qi Yi believes that people can't work and be productive if they are dating at work, so he but up a dating ban. This made all of Liang Liang's co-workers upset. Liang Liang's best friend, Kate, who also works there just so happened to be dating Alex (another co-worker). So when her friends Kate and Princess (who doesn't work at the company but comes once in a while to send lunch and so forth) find out that Liang Liang and the Boss are living together, they immediately tell her to get the move on and make him fall in love with her. Maybe if he fell in love with her, he'll get rid of the dating ban!
      It was extremely cute and humorous watching Liang Liang take her friends' advice. However, throughout the drama, the two bonded and she caused a lot of trouble for him also. At first their relationship with one another wasn't too good, he wasn't used to her over-happy attitude and he didn't know how to deal with her energy. She was really persistant even though Qi Yi tried to ignore her a couple of times. It was really cute.  Overtime, he gets used to her and realizes her good qualities. They learn to live together without really disturbing one another. When Qi Yi accidentally fed Liang Ling's beloved fish the wrong thing, her fish dies. He tries to replace the fish so that she's not sad but Liang Liang recognized that this was not the fish she raised ever since she was a little girl. It was the first time, he saw just how passionate and how connected she was to things that she loved. A lot of people thought she was being overdramatic about it, but I think it shows that even though it is just a fish, the fact that she had it for so long and became deeply connected to it shows her character.
      New character additions were then shown.  The first one to appear was Dean. This guy is the best, to be very honest. He was very caring towards Liang Liang and he did show a bit of interest towards her. However, he took her feelings into consideration and he had a very unique friendship with Qi Yi. Throughout the drama, he was almost like Cupid. He would instigate jealousy from the guys so that the couples can work out their problems in the end. He's a really sweet guy and his addition to the drama made it more enjoyable. The second character addition, is the annoying ex-girlfriend of Qi Yi. The reason why Qi Yi is so so cold and against "dating" was because this ex-girlfriend (Jia Yu) had commitment issues. She made up a lie and left him on the day he was going to propose. Now she's back when Qi Yi has already built a steady relationship with Liang Liang (and finally smiling a lot more also). She wants to win him back and is making up another lie about the reason why she left and how she did it for him and so forth. She was extremely annoying throughout the drama and I absolutely despised her. I understood more about why she acted like that and why her character is like that but I didn't like her character for bringing so much sadness into the drama.
      This drama as the character interactions were cute. It was also nice to see how Liang Liang's parents and his parents all played a part in the drama. Qi Yi who had been looking for his mother for years, finally got to reunite his family (which was extremely adorable). I loved all the minor couples and the way the co-workers helped out one another like best friends would. It was a great drama, comedic, sweet, romantic, and really enjoyable. The ending was unbelievably satisfying (for the last episode, you have to finish watching the ending credits/song to see the ending) and perfect. Also their chemistry was amazing, they had a great relationship offset also, and their kiss scenes were pretty good.

Only part that was frustrating was that towards the end, all of the attention was focused on Jia Yu and Qi Yi was trying to be nice and help her get over her problems, but Liang Liang was left to struggle by herself. But other than that, I thought it was good. It made Liang Liang stronger and more likely to make a move and so forth. So I would highly recommend this. 

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