Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seven Something (Movie)

This was a Thai film featuring 2PM Nichkhun. I actually watched this on the plane and it wasn't too bad. This movie was basically split into three parts, each part being about a different couple. I just read that this movie was shot by three different directors which is the reason for three different couples in different parts of the movie. So, I'm going to do a synopsis on this film because it was interesting showing different sides of different relationships.


       First love story: It is titled "14" and it is about two teenagers who started dating. They both were very attracted to one another but the main thing that caused problems between them were social networks. The boy thrived on them. The internet and social networks were his life. He would make tons of statuses, ask for help online on what to do, ask for suggestions online, and make many youtube videos. The girl started getting upset for whenever they went on dates, he was always carrying his camera. Every time they wanted to do something, it was always pictures first and so forth. She was annoyed but she put up with it and didn't really complain. However, things started really getting worse and I could understand why she was so angry. He first started uploading videos on youtube and even made a music video of her. She was angry for just a little while because she didn't know why he wanted to publicize their relationship so much but got over it...because, let's face it...he made a music video of her. He was kind of upset that she had disliked the video online and when she got rid of it, she decided to sing him a little song to make him happier. They did this on video chat and he recorded the whole thing. Then he ended up posting it on youtube. She was not happy. She was wearing clothes that kind of revealed the bra on the side and she was being goofy and she did not mean for it to go online. And then it got so many views and inappropriate comments. She was angry and he got worried and deleted it. The problem was not gone as others had downloaded it and put it back online. So this was basically about the social network causing the boy to hurt the girl's feelings. However, he went to apologize to her and I believe (if I didn't remember this wrong) they got back together.

Second Story: This is actually about a former actor and actress who acted in a movie called Sea You Again. This movie that they acted was about the boy being the least popular member of a boy band and the girl being a member of some rival group. They hated one another and somehow got stranded on this island. Before they got rescued, they fell in love and it ended as them being saved and brought to shore without knowing if they will be enemies or friends back home. So that was the sort of movie they had filmed together. In the filming process, the two began to bond and they ended up dating. They had a lot of fights together and a lot of ways to get revenge. However the relationship started going downhill when the girl started having these cheating scandals and the couple started fighting more and more often. Then he totally insulted her at an awards ceremony when he got his award and the couple just split. Now, originally this guy was just going to act in this one film and then work at the aquarium or something like that, and he did. The girl however wanted to continue on as an actress and be famous. Now, there is going to be a part 2 of Sea You Again. So she comes to find the boy at the aquarium to get him to work with her at the movie. He doesn't want to and in the end the roles are given to different and younger actors. However, they did practice the script and revealed their true feelings in a way and in the end, you see them asking each other if they can love each other again.

Third Story: This is the story starring Nichkhun, just to let you know. He plays a young runner who runs despite having asthma. He plans on running in the marathon and practices every day. This is because, last year, he joined the marathon, but because he had no preparation whatsoever, he ended up collapsing and going to the hospital. The girl, who is older than the boy, had lost her husband in a plane accident. She's still recovering and she promised her past husband that she won't marry anyone. But as she gets to know this boy and they start running together, preparing for the marathon together, she begins to start falling for him. He constantly encourages her and says what she wants to hear. He helps her often and taught her that she can change her life as long as she sets her heart to it. So she begins to run with him, developing feelings that she thinks she shouldn't. So she is torn with guilt of not staying faithful to her past husband and falling for this young man. So there was a moment where she pushes him away and she cried a lot too. However, as she begins to move on and actually manages to finish the marathon with him. She succeeded in leaving behind her past and begin to look forward towards a new future.

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