Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Lucky Star

This drama had an interesting story line. Though it is similar to many other dramas, such as the guy being rich and the girl being poor and kindhearted, it was still interesting as it was slightly different. I actually enjoyed the drama. It came out in 2007. I liked how the girl was very outspoken and loud and that they loved each other for their personalities. The one thing that ticks me off in almost every drama, is voice dubbing. Yoo Ha Na plays the main lead. Since she's Korean and this is a drama that uses Chinese, it was a dubbed voice. I couldn't stand how high pitched the voice was, especially the laugh that sounded kind of fake and not very real. But other than that, I watched it for the story line. Also, some of her facial expressions that she made was kind of awkward for me to watch.


     In the beginning of the drama, Xia Zhi Xing made fake jewelry and tricked people into buying the jewelry. She was a liar and a con-artist. She lied often also. Her nickname, which is mostly used, is Ah Xing. At this time, she was with her boyfriend Shi San. They were going to get married and they were conning this one woman together when the cops appeared. Shi San wanted her to con this woman to earn more money for their marriage. So they ran away, as quickly as possible. Ah Xing covers up for Shi San and is put in jail for a year. She was in contact with her boyfriend for six months, then afterwards, Shi San didn't contact her. She was still very naive, believing that he is waiting for her to get engaged. She kept thinking of the possibilities waiting for her when she's released. When she is released, she crosses paths with Zhong Tian Qi. They had met before on the day that she got arrested.
      Zhong Tian Qi is the second master of a jewelry empire known as E-Shine. He was dating a girl named Ou Ya Ruo. However, she ended up dumping him for his brother. It was because his brother would give her more power and stuff. When he gets invited to the wedding, he shows up after resisting many times. He finds out that his past mother's necklace, Queen Mary, was being auctioned off. Upset, he goes to find Ou Ya Ruo who has it in her possession and steals it. So when he runs into Ah Xing, the gem fell and the people running after Tian Qi assumed Ah Xing was a part in stealing the gem. They put a cuff on one of her hands before Tian Qi frees her. She immediately cuffs him with the other saying that she needs him to prove her innocence. So they basically walk around like that for a while, then she demands to go and find her boyfriend.
        However, to her shock, Shi San was actually found to be married with another woman and that woman was pregnant. This broke her heart and she tried to act like she was okay. They went through a lot and Tian Qi also saw a bit of her personality, the way that she treasured ten dollars worth of star stickers over an expensive jewel. Tian Qi, not wanting to go home and give up his mother's gem, follows Ah Xing to her village. Only to find the entire village angry as they demand for her to return money. After many events together, they come to fall in love with one another and care of one another. The entire time, Ah Xing did not know that Tian Qi was the second master. She assumed that he was a thief with a drunk father ordering him to do so. She knew about his ex-girlfriend who chose the brother over him. But they fell in love with one another for their personalities, disregarding status. 
         However, trouble occurs when her past of jewelry fraud was exposed to the public due to her relationship with E-Shine's second master. She's shocked at his identity and was heartbroken at the fact that he said that he didn't have a relationship with her at a press conference. After they came over that obstacle, more troubles came. For one thing, Tian Qi's father doesn't approve of their relationship and when Tian Qi leaves, his father tells him not to return. In order to make money, Tian Qi makes a bet and does a racing competition resulting in him getting injured. They didn't have much money and Shi San was begging her to give him money because his daughter had a heart problem. So when Tian Qi's father made a deal of giving her money and telling her to leave so that he can take care of Tian Qi, she agrees unwillingly. 
          When Tian Qi wakes up, his brother offers to help bring her to him. However, they were faced with a horrible accident resulting in Tian Jun's death. Five years later, the two meet again. He is angry at her because he thought that she was the one who caused the car crash. However, he still loved her and she still loved him. Slowly, they begin to rebuild their relationship and start their own happily ever after. 

This had comedy, romance, misunderstanding, love, other relationships, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, family drama, a lot of life-threatening moments, and it had basically everything. Thankfully, this drama does not have any sad endings or memory loss episodes. 

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