Friday, September 6, 2013

Flowers in Fog

This drama was absolutely amazing. It had an amazing plot with twists and an absolutely touching ending. It was a great drama to watch with so many cute moments, funny scenes, sad scenes, and a lot of drama. It was a great drama to watch and I would recommend for all of you to check this drama out. 

       This story would start many years ago at an orphanage when our four beautiful ladies were just children. At that orphanage, four orphans got to know one another very well and became so close that they were like sisters. The oldest orphan was older than the other three by many years and so she took on the role of the big sister and the three's parents in a way. She cared for them and loved them. She taught them things and she sang for them when they were sick. They sang a song called Hua Fei Hua Wu Fei Wu (which is the title of this drama) together. The oldest orphan was known as Xue Hua (snowflake). She had said that since they were orphans, they were flowers without roots. So she gave each of them a name and they called each other that. She chose Xue Hua for herself. Xue Hua means snowflake, but when you write it in Chinese, the hua means flower. So it's basically a flower without a root. 
      She named the others Huo Hua (fire spark, the hua meaning flower), lang hua (wave flower, like the foam in the ocean when a wave crashes), and yan hua (smoke). They didn't really know each other's real names as they only used these names for one another. Then Xue Hua is taken away to live with her aunt. The four promised that they would one day meet again and the three little ones sent their big sister away, unwillingly, promising to come and find her when they are older. Xue Hua goes and continues to learn and develop her talent of singing and acting and later falls in love with a man named Qi Yuan. She is later known as Angel. Together with Qi Yuan, they acted in this play and sang and acted. The two became quite famous and they really loved one another. 

          Huo Hua was adopted by the Ye family and named Ye Fan. She always played the violin well ever since she was a little kid. Many years later, she sets out to find her Xue Hua and heads off to a school called France Art Institute of Oriental and she goes there to study violin. In that school, it was made a rule to speak Chinese. This school was opened by the Qi family and therefore Qi Yuan was a professor there. He was cold and bitter and never smiled. He had a little brother named Qi Fei who was kind, lively, happy, and free-spirited. She went there in hopes of finding more about the whereabouts of Xue Hua who went there. However, she found out that Xue Hua had been with Qi Yuan and rumor is that she committed suicide. The rumors from then said things like Qi Yuan was cheating on Snowflake and so forth. So Ye Fan goes there to find out more and in a way, get revenge by dating Qi Yuan's little brother, Qi Fei. However, as their relationship progressed, she found herself loving him more and more.
            Trouble starts occurring as they start finding out that Huo Hua had been blackmailing them about Xue Hua's death. When they found out why Ye Fan was here, they reveal the truth to her. Due to her blackmailing, Qi Fei became very distant. She also found out that the rumor about Xue Hua committing suicide was actually made up because they wanted people to think she had died when she was actually suffering from a crippling disease. She was very depressed, refused to talk, and only cried. She could only move her eyes. However, when she saw Ye Fan and realized it was her Huo Hua, a part of me came back to life as she actually said a few words and smiled. In this process, Ye Fan was hoping to get back together with Qi Fei because she actually loved him. However, he still couldn't get over the fact that he was used and so forth and so they never really got back together. Then due to a situation back home, she went left without a word begging her friend to let her borrow money. However, overtime, since they both loved one another, Qi Fei went to go find her and try to start afresh together only to find that there were more obstacles ahead of them.

        Lang Hua and Yan  Hua were adopted by the Bai family. They were together all these years. Their names are Bai Hai Hua and Bai Meng Hua. Bai Hai Hua (Lang Hua) is now a nurse and is appointed to be the special nurse of a cranky, old man. She's very strict with him and she's also kind at the same time. She has enough power in her to be able to deal with this old man. She later gets caught up with this family as she tries to get his son to come and actually visit his father instead of always sneaking around asking her about his father's condition. She managed to get a father-son reunion and ended up falling in love with that man. The man has a very fiery personality, gets mad easily, but he loved her and she was able to control him in many ways. They were very happy together for a while. But of course, they also faced troubles and problems with the company in which the old man had owned. However, they were able to get over it together, helping each other. 
       Meng Hua/Xiao Meng (Yan Hua) works at a company that distributes metal nails. She works as a secretary. She meets a worker there named Xu Hao who constantly helps her and who begins to like her. As they develop feelings, Xiao Meng gets caught in a love triangle when Han Li and Xu Hao. Han Li was the head and she couldn't really be rude to him. However, she chose Xu Hao in the end. She had a really cute relationship with Xu Hao and he really took care of her and treated her really well. There were a lot of moments when Xu Hao was jealous due to Han Li. It was also very humorous when Xu Hao's mother came to visit them from the countryside and kept feeding them chicken. It was really cute how Xu Hao kept trying to keep his girlfriend happy as well as not hurt his mother's feelings. 
          Han Li, sad and brokenhearted from when Xiao Meng chose Xu Hao, came across Ye Fan who was back in China due to family financial issues after her father's death. They got to know each other and Han  Li helped her pay a family debt and he began to like her. However, when Qi Fei found out that she had problems back home and he actually still loved her, he goes to China to try to find her. He tries looking for her in all her past homes and so forth and finally finds her and tries to win her back. But now Han Li is there as a love rival. However, it was very clear that Ye Fan still loved him also and Han Li  is kicked out of this relationship also. During this process, Ye Fan finds her Lang Hua and Yan Hua. Then the three flowers got to video chat with Xue Hua in France. Afterwards they got to have their little reunion and it was very sweet. However, as all these couples face their problems and overcome them, they face a happy future and their own happy ending. And thankfully, Han Li also found his own happily ever after. The ending was so touching for it showed that love can overcome anything. And I think many of you would enjoy this drama. It was the cutest drama and absolutely thrilling. You never knew what was about to happen and it was nice to see. So I would definitely recommend this drama. 

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