Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heaven's Postman (Movie)

This is a Korean movie with Jaejoong and Han Hyo Joo acting as the main leads. I didn't expect it to have this sort of story line when I first saw the title. But I truly enjoyed this movie though I felt that it could've been longer and  I wished that the characters could've shared some more emotions and happy memories. However, I was satisfied with the movie because it was magnificent in its own way.

       Jae Joon is a mailman. He is not our typical mailman and he takes the letters that people write from this red mailbox in the middle of a grassy area. He delivers these letters from loved ones and friends to Heaven. Ha Na, a young girl, writes hateful letters to her deceased lover. She writes angrily towards him. Jae Joon talks to her and listens to her story. She talks angrily of how he was already with another woman when he dated her and she cried tears of sadness. She spoke of how he never really loved her. Jae Joon listened to her story and took the mail. She got curious of what he was doing with the mail and followed him around. She thought his job was to just read the mail and then help the loved ones that wrote the letter.
       She had asked him who he was and he had replied that he was an angel. She didn't take it literally, of course. They begin to hang out with one another as they help others deal with losing a friend or family member and also try to help them feel more comforted that their loved ones are in a better place. It begins a short romance between the two. He listens to her and loved her. He seemed to be very emotionless as she was going on an emotional rollercoaster. However, as she began to forget her deceased lover and start loving Jae Joon, she noticed that there were times where he would disappear. This scared her as she realized that he was fading away from her. He told her that it was because she had moved on and that only the people who didn't move on could see him. As he slowly started disappearing more often, this brings a lot of heartache to Ha Na and Jae Joon.
         The memories that she shared together slowly disappeared too.  She remembers them and he remembers them, but the pictures they took and the letters he wrote all changed. The letters disappeared and he disappeared from the pictures they took together. She continues to live her life. Jae Joon was actually involved in an accident that resulted in him in a coma. This was a reason why he was able to travel from the human world to the afterlife. He wakes up from his coma and meets Ha Na again and it was a beautiful beginning for those two again.

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