Wednesday, June 12, 2013

House of Flying Daggers (Movie)

This was a beautiful movie with great cinematography. It is a Chinese film and can be found online with English subtitles.  It had a lot of action and interesting love line. The actors playing the main leads are Zhang Zi Yi, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and Andy Lau. These actors prepared a lot for this action film.

     The House of Flying Daggers is a rebel group that had formed during the decline of the Tang Dynasty. The House of Flying Daggers is the largest rebel group and they steal from the rich and give to the poor. The authorities had managed to kill the leader of the Flying Daggers but the rebel group is still strong under a new and mysterious leader. Jin and Liu are two police captains that are ordered to find out and kill the new leader. At a brothel, Jin and Liu meet a blind girl named Mei. She's skilled in dance and has great martial skills. As she tried to assassinate Liu, she was arrested as they suspected that she was part of the House of Flying Daggers.
       They suspected that she was the daughter of the old leader. So  Jin and Liu decide to let Mei go in hopes of finding the new leader. Jin pretends to help her break out of prison and protect her. They hope that this would gain her trust. The plan works out. Liu was following behind them and pretended to ambush them. It was all a fake act. Over time, Jin and Mei fall in love. However they were attacked again, only it was real this time. It wasn't by Liu's men. However, when they were outnumbered, the House of Flying Daggers reveal themselves. They capture Jin and Liu and they are taken to the headquarters. They find out the truth of what was going on. Mei was not blind and she was not the daughter of the old leader. Liu was actually an undercover agent for the House of Flying Daggers. Liu was also in love with Mei and had waited three years for her. Mei, however, did not like Liu and had fallen in love with Jin. She was supposed to kill him but she lets him run away.
            Then it began a love battle between Jin and Liu. Liu was bitter with jealousy that he was rejected and ambushed Mei and started a battle with Jin. This ending was very sad and touching. This was a very good movie and I felt that some scenes were extremely awesome, like the Echo they did at the start of the film. It was very enjoyable. It was action packed and absolutely breathtaking.

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