Sunday, February 5, 2017

Uncontrollably Fond

Episodes: 20 
Shin Joon Young and Noh Eul were high school sweethearts and shared a lot of meaningful and funny memories together. They were inseparable in many ways. However, life continuously got in the way as Noh Eul was trying to track down the person who killed her father in a hit and run while Shin Joon Young was trying to protect his biological father--a man who was never present in his life but who was in charge of burying Noh Eul's case to rise to a position of power and authority. The two were separated due to certain circumstances and went their separate ways. Shin Joon Young is a superstar actor and singer while Noh Eul becomes a producer-director of documentaries. Their paths cross again and the two learn to fall in love again as they unravel the secrets in regard to the hit-and-run. Not only were they rekindling their romance and solving a case, the two also are on a race against time as Shin Joon Young secretly suffers from a terminal illness.

        I watched this in a span of 2 days and I have never cried so hard at the end of a drama as much as I did for this drama. I am absolutely in love with this drama. It was the perfect mix of everything cliche in Korean dramas but also with just the right amount of emotion for it to be special and unique. I loved the relationship dynamics between Noh Eul and Shin Joon Young. It was cute watching them fight and argue while both having good intentions at heart. It was cute how he constantly teased her just to keep her with him and the fact that she was able to deal with him in her own way. The way their lives were winded together through a series of events and through numerous encounters made it all the more special. 
       Noh Eul's character was very likable in my opinion. She was funny, and worked hard and rarely did she project her worries on to other people as she found ways to confidently earn money to pay off her family's debt. She obviously is kind at heart but because of her circumstances she has hardened to be brash, impudent, and also to constantly seek ways to monetize at other's expense. I enjoyed how she never used a "sob story" to get away with anything but rather used actual ways to get the money. I enjoyed that about her character and I admired how strong she was. Meanwhile I found that the men in her life are all extremely supportive and loving of her -- Joon Young, her brother, and Ji Tae were all constantly watching out for her and understanding her regardless of what she does. They also all did it in their own ways. Her brother is constantly trying to protect his sister since she's doing all that she can so that he has a successful future. Joon Young was trying to watch out for her by keeping her by his side by teasing her and offering her jobs. Ji Tae constantly watches over knowing the truth of her father's death and even pretends to be poor to get close to her and take care of the siblings. He got so close to her brother and from taking care of him that her brother constantly comes up with ways for him to work out with Noh Eul. 
          The way this drama was filmed this was amazing because it allowed me to see both character's point of views, their past and their present, and so forth. It also doesn't just dump the information on you as it hops back and forth from present to past, showing both viewpoints. I enjoyed figuring out the links and the reason why these two people keep constantly running back to each other. I also loved seeing how Ji Tae fit into the story and his point of view throughout the story.   

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