Sunday, February 12, 2017

Let's Fight Ghost

Episodes: 16
Kim Hyun Ji is a young girl who died at the age of 19. She is now a ghost who wanders about without any memories of her life as a human and without any memories as to how she died. When she encounters Bong Pal, she gets a flashback of a memory from when she was living. Thus she believes that Bong Pal could help her greatly and decides to follow him around. Believing that she might be stuck as a ghost because she wasn't able to complete her SATs, she asks him to tutor her and allow her to stay with him while she helps him fight ghosts to earn money. The two solved many ghost-caused problems and helped send many ghosts away. As the story unfolds, the two begin to like one another and they slowly begin to piece together missing parts of Hyun Ji's story and Bong Pal's. 

       This drama was fairly interesting and reminded me of a lot of other dramas that involved dealing with ghosts. I was a bit scared throughout the drama when the ghosts popped up but it was nothing as scary as watching a horror movie because you expect it. It was interesting how the drama showed how the ghosts were all once people, how they all had certain motives, and how they also had certain wants. It definitely helped knowing that there were good ghosts out there and that Kim Hyun Ji, herself was a good ghost who was willing to help Bong Pal fight off ghosts while attempting to recover memories. It was also interesting to see how Bong Pal dealt with his ability to see ghosts and how he dealt with his ability to fight them as well. 
        I thought it was interesting how they were trying to discover what really happened to Kim Hyun Ji and why she was a ghost without any memories. It reminded me of Arang and the Magistrate as they tried to figure out who her murderer was and it also reminded me of "Oh My Ghostess" as they tried to release the soul to heaven and also figure out the cause of death. I enjoyed watching Kim Hyun Ji and Park Bong Pal work together to fight against ghosts and they made an incredible team. I also enjoyed the comedic aspect of the duo who constantly followed Park Bong Pal around to ask him to join their exorcism club. They were really funny and also fairly helpful throughout the drama in helping Bong Pal find work and also watching out for him in different ways. I also really liked the monk because not only was he serious and extremely helpful in defeating the evil spirit but he was also hilarious throughout the entire drama. His goals to defeat the evil spirit drives him throughout the drama to help Bong Pal and to find the evil spirit again. The monk's story, Hyun Ji's story, and Bong Pal's story were all linked together through this evil spirit and it was amazing to see the team come together at the end to succeed against the evil spirit. 

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