Friday, May 20, 2016

Goodbye Mr. Loser (Movie)

This is a Chinese comedy movie about a middle aged man named Xia Luo. He's always been a loser from high school to adulthood. In school, he was the class clown and was often laughed at and never taken seriously. In adulthood, he was lazy and rarely did much to help support his family. When he gets invited to a wedding of his high school crush Qiu Ya, Xiao Luo is determined to at least show up in a cool car and with cool clothes just to put on an appearance of how far he's gotten. However, even in that case, he gets made fun of for past memories and also on how overdressed he was. Xia Luo gets drunk at the wedding and embarasses himself. His wife, upset that he was at the wedding when he said he was going to visit his mother's grave, gets angry at him and exposes his true self to all his friends about how he's been living and how lazy he is.
       After getting chased around by his wife Ma Dong Mei, he locks himself in the bathroom. When he sobered up and walked out, he finds himself back in time and at his high school. He is given a chance to relive his entire life again and so he decides to make the best of it. He decides to chase after his high school crush and he also became famous by plagiarizing popular songs that haven't been produced yet. He gets to relive his life again from high school to adulthood. He becomes rich and famous and looked up to his peers. He got the girl of his dreams. But he soon realizes that he isn't happy with what he has and begins to realize that he should have cherished what he did have instead of wish for something else.

Very funny movie and very interesting to watch how his new life played out and how it changed a lot of his friends' lives as well.

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