Friday, May 20, 2016

Descendants of the Sun

Ep: 16
Yoo Shi Jin is the leader of a Special Forces unit and meets the trauma surgeon Kang Mo Yeon during an incident that happened with his second-in-command on their day off. Yoo Shi Jin falls for Kang Mo Yeon and asks her out on a date. However, on their date, Yoo Shi Jin gets called to duty and Kang Mo Yeon realizes the difference between their jobs and the differences in the way they view things. She would spend hours in the operation room with the sole purpose of saving a patient while Yoo Shi Jin puts emphasis that he would kill to protect his country. The two decide part ways but their relationship was fated. It just so happened that Yoo Shi Jin and his second-in-command, Seo Dae Young, were deployed to a fictional war-torn country called Urk to keep peace and Kang Mo Yeon and a medical team were assigned to go there as well. The two fall in love again and learn to understand one another, help one another, and overcome many obstacles together. The two also learned to adapt to one another in situations where she can't always be with him or when they have to do long distance for a while.Throughout the drama Seo Dae Young's relationship with the lieutenant's daughter, army doctor Yoon Myeong Ju was an interesting contrast between the main couple.

      This drama was absolutely amazing and definitely one of the best dramas I watched this entire year. It pulled on all my heartstrings, it made me fall in love with every single character, it made me ship everyone together, it made me excited, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me fall in love with it. This drama is a roller coaster of emotions and I loved the chemistry between all the actors and actresses. They did an amazing job portraying their roles and their characters were all full of life. It is impossible to dislike any character in this drama because you learn to understand them and they are all comedic and realistic at the same time. I liked how realistic the relationships went and how they used the main couple and the other couple as a contrast to each other to show that all relationships are different but sincerity between them two still remain. I really enjoyed this drama and one minute I'll be laughing and one minute I'll be crying. It got to a point where I started watching the drama during my free periods at school.
    I liked the way the guys often treated the girls. From what I remember, there were no yelling or acting like a macho/controlling type of guy. They were all very caring toward their girlfriends and often would talk it out half jokingly/half serious about minor issues and hug one another when it came to serious issues. It definitely made it easier for me to fall in love with the guys because they had a lot of respect toward their girlfriends and both were also very mature when they needed to be. I really enjoyed seeing a very positive and healthy relationship in this drama.
      Definitely an amazing drama with many memorable scenes. It's no wonder that this drama was such a big hit. Highly recommend.

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