Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Chronicle of Life

Episodes: 37
       The story starts off when our main characters are all children. The young emperor and his loyal subject Nalan Rong Ruo defeat subjects who are planning treason under the careful guidance of the Empress Dowager. Liang er is the daughter of one of the subjects tied to acts of treason. On the day of her tenth birthday, she witnesses the slaughter of her entire family. Her mother protects her from death and makes her promise to live on and to go to the Nalan Residence before passing away. Liang Er encounters numerous dangers and meets the young emperor. The two help each other and make the young emperor makes a promise to come back for her. Liang Er finally makes it to the Nalan Residence.
      After a series of traumatic events, Liang er hits her head and develops amnesia. For the next 8 years, the Nalan family mask her as a servant and rename her as Wei Ling Lang. Nalan Rong Ruo, having grown up with her, takes care ocf her and the two eventually fall in love. Their love is met with great opposition from the Nalan family as they know the truth behind Ling Lang's identity and so she gets sent to the palace as a maid to prevent the relationship from further continuing. This begins the friendship of the emperor as he meets her again after 8 years of seeing her.  The two end up developing romantic feelings for each other and must overcome the politics of the inner court and also the past resurfacing. At the same time, another survivor (Liang Er's brother) is in the palace as a eunuch to seek revenge on the emperor for his family. In this drama, love, family, friendship, sacrifices, and being torn between hate and love is all present.

     I really enjoyed this drama. It gave me a lot of feels throughout the drama, especially at the end. The end basically makes you feel a nostalgic sadness that fills up your soul. The characters are all very fascinating, unique, and all have their own character. They all play a role throughout the entire drama. It was nice to see the changing relationships between the characters and to be a part of the internal struggle of continuing revenge and living a hate-filled life or choosing love and giving up on vengeance. The internal politics of the court played an important role throughout the drama. However, this drama definitely was extremely cute and endearing in the romantic aspect. I greatly enjoyed it.

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