Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Battle of Changsha

Episodes: 32 
      This is the story about a family living in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. The story takes place during the Anti-Japanese war and reflected what their lives were like during that period. With air raids and student protests, their stories are all linked to one another and also to their changing surroundings. Characters grow and develop over the course of events both blissful and depressing.
       The main character is a girl named Hu Xiang Xiang. She is a spoiled, naive young girl who is running away from a blind date set up by her brother in law. Her brother in law was hoping to marry her off so that she could avoid the war in Changsha but her stubborn personality and reluctance causes her to run around town like a madman while being chased by her brother in law. All the while, her twin brother is trying to help her out. It's a very comedic scene. While running, she bumps into the very man that she was supposed to be going on a blind date with, Gu Qing Ming.
         They started off with bad terms and butted heads upon meeting one another causing the brother in law to have to find another blind date for her. Despite being innocent and ignorant to her surroundings, war soon reaches her family and forces her to grow up quickly. After a series of deaths and killings carried out by Japanese troops, her family gets involved with the war. Xiang Xiang becomes a nurse to help save lives. All the while, she constantly receives help from Gu Qing Ming whenever needed and the romance between them begins to develop in a time of chaos and war.

      Wallace Huo was such brilliant eye candy. The relationship was absolutely endearing and mutually supportive of one another and very befitting considering the circumstances presented. The war, politics, and the different lifestyles as people accommodated to the times were all linked together and well executed. I enjoyed the comedic relief in the beginning and I loved how the drama had a change in tone as it got more serious and as the characters were growing up and learning more about their world. Really enjoyed it for the story, the relationships, the side-plots, and so forth. Highly recommend.

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