Friday, July 17, 2015

Love Myself Or You

22 episodes
Can anything be more important than comics and good food? Du Kai Qi (Puff Guo) is an independent, single woman who loves comic books and her job as a sous chef in the fine-dining French restaurant, Figaro Cuisine. When an unassuming man, Fu Zi Jie (Jasper Liu), moves in next door, they immediately begin to bicker over trivial matters. But when Zi Jie shows up as a new employee at her restaurant, Kai Qi, as well as other staff members, mistake him for a lowly intern, not knowing that Zi Jie is a classically trained chef who just returned from France and that Figaro Cuisine is actually his father’s restaurant. Can Zi Jie help save Kai Qi from the wrath of the mysterious “Chef Louis”? “Love Myself or You?”, also known as “Love Meets Cupid" and "Pleasantly Surprised," is a 2014 Taiwanese drama series.

This was a really cute drama. It was nice seeing Puff again and her character wasn't as bubbly as her character in Just You so it was nice to see a more serious side of her. The male protagonist was very easy on the eyes. I enjoyed the chemistry between the co-workers in this drama because it reminded me of how Puff got along with her co-workers in Just You. There's a sense of family. I also really liked the second male lead because he really was a nice guy. He knew Kai Qi from before and were best friends at a point which was why he was used to her foul temper and he liked her for who she is. He was very kind to her and stayed quiet even though he noticed her feelings growing for Fu Zi Jie and immediately backed off when the choice was made warning Fu Zi Jie to treat her well. It was nice to see. This drama had a lot of food because the main setting is in this French restaurant called Figaro Cuisine. It was cute but it's not a favorite. 

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