Wednesday, July 8, 2015

20 Once Again (movie)

I watched this movie on a plane ride and enjoyed it greatly. This is a Chinese movie and I really enjoyed it. All of the actors and actresses in this movie were very beautiful and charming in their own way (especially our protagonist). Also it was nice to see Luhan continuing his career in the entertainment industry in this movie. I'm glad that he's doing well since leaving Exo. 

        Sheng Meng Jun is now a 70 year old widow. She's extremely prideful of her son who she raised as a single mother for all these years. She's constantly bragging to others about how he's a professor at a top university and placing herself on the pedestal. She's also constantly nagging others while picking at all of their faults. She constantly hangs out with her old friend Li Dahai. Li Dahai used to work for her family when he was a teenager and developed a crush on Sheng Meng Jun since then. However, the two never got together but it is evident that he still has feelings for her after all this time. She lives with her son and his family. Sheng Meng Jun's daughter in law suffers heart problems and her grandkids (twins: 1 girl, 1 boy) are constantly arguing with one another. Sheng Meng Jun shows her bias toward her grandson Xiang Qianjin because of his musical aspirations reminding her of the dreams she had when she was younger to be a singer. 
          Because of all the nagging and pressure she places on her daughter in law Yang Qin, Yang Qin ended up going to the hospital. The doctor recommended that Yang Qin shouldn't be stressed for any reason. After this, the family decided it was best if they send Sheng Meng Jun to a nursing home for the time being until Yang Qin gets better. Feeling hurt, she wanders about until she comes across a photography studio that she had never found before. Upon leaving the studio after taking a picture, she is surprised to find that she has been transformed back into her 20 year old self. The prime of her beauty. 
            She rents a room at Li Dahai's house hiding her identity as Meng Li Jun. As her family and Li Dahai worry about where she is, she finds ways to send messages to them about how she is fine. Then at the senior recreation center, she has a singing battle with her long-time rival. Upon this, her grandson seeks her out to be the lead singer in his band and a music director also begins to search for her. With this, her musical aspirations and dreams take flight while helping her grandson achieve his dreams. As her grandson and music director fall for her, Sheng Meng Jun has quite an interesting adventure. At the same time, Li Dahai finds out that his tenant is actually the young version of Sheng Meng Jun and tries to help her out while expressing his feelings. 
            However, at the end, Sheng Meng Jun must decide what is more important. To go back to her normal age and focus on those close to her or to live life again as Li Jun and experience everything she wasn't able to. With a series of events, she realizes how unnatural it is for her to be so young while her generation slowly dies out and how despite the second chance to relive her younger years, she would still want to live the life she chose back then because there are things she values more. It was a very comical movie but at the same time very deep. But the ending is still confusing to me even though I found it beautiful. 

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