Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Girlfriend is an Agent (Movie)

        This movie was actually really interesting for me and quite amusing to watch. The two main characters in this drama used to date but faced problems in their dating life when the girl, Ahn Soo Ji, was constantly neglecting her boyfriend to fulfill her duties as a secret agent. Keeping a double identity was hard as it caused her boyfriend, Lee Jae Joon to lose trust and grow suspicious as to what she's doing. After splitting for a while, Lee Jae Joon returns a rookie international agent who was often messing up on his job. 
           Little did the two know that they would be working to stop the same crime. A Russian organized crime group takes possession of an advanced biochemical weapon from Korea with the help of a corrupt Korean scientist and it was up to Ahn Soo Ji and Lee Jae Joon to work with their agencies to save the world. Ahn Soo Ji is skilled at her job while Lee Jae Joon is clumsy and inexperienced. They bump into each other and keep their secret identities hidden. They begin to fall in love again. However, their work often gets in between them causing them to lie about what it is that is happening. This causes them to grow suspicious of one another and even believe that the other was working for the bad side. However, as the truth begins to come out and be understood, they work together to defeat the crime group as well as get back together in a relationship based on trust.
           This drama was actually really amusing for me to watch. It was nice to see the girl be so tough and skilled. It was also nice to see how they balanced each other out. I enjoyed this movie. 

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