Saturday, November 8, 2014

Surplus Princess

10 episodes
Given Synopsis (
Can a woman do anything for the sake of love? Ha Ni (Jo Bo Ah) is a mermaid princess in the underwater empire but she longs for the human world when she sees and falls in love with a man. She transforms into a human and follows Hyun Myung (On Joo Wan) to live in a temporary house for people who are preparing for employment. The pragmatic Hyun Myung is trying to find a good-paying job to provide him with a comfortable life. But will he be distracted by Ha Ni, who has just 100 days to make Hyun Myung fall in love with her so that she can remain a human? “Surplus Princess,” also known as “The Mermaid,” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Baek Seung Ryong.

     It was such a pity that this drama had to be cut short. It was so light-hearted and both male leads loved Ha Ni unconditionally. The minor characters were also extremely amusing and their love relationships were extremely cute. Ha Ni's best friend at the house they shared was extremely helpful in hiding the fact that Ha Ni is a mermaid and teaching her ways to snag the chef that Ha Ni believed she loved. Everything was going really well and I was getting extremely conflicted between the chef and Hyun Myung. I hated the antagonist (the other girl) who just constantly wore the look of jealousy on her face. However, the drama was cut short so we never got to see how she progressed with the chef or how she progressed with Hyun Myung. It was a quick and summarized version and the ending was really weird when she came shooting out of the sky like an asteroid. I wish it was longer so that I could have gotten the whole story because it was so fluffy and light to watch. Unfortunately, it was cut short and I appreciate the scenes that were not summarized or as confusing as it was toward the end.

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