Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bride of the Century


Episodes: 16 
Choi Kang Ju is engaged to a girl named Yi Kyung. However, there is a curse that follows Choi Kang Ju's family in which the first bride of the family's first son is always.  Thus, Yi Kyung's family hatches a horrible plan to use Yi Kyung's doppleganger Doo Rim who is from a small southern island. Doo Rim plays the role of Yi Kyung and comes to actually fall in love with Choi Kang Ju (he also falls in love with her as well). As this conspiracy is revealed, so is the curse, and the story behind everything is taken care of. 

     I really enjoyed this drama. It got to the point quickly and the storyline progressed nicely. Everything was quite visually appealing. In this drama, you will find: dopplegangers, a touch of fantasy, a curse, a ghost, doubts about death, marriage substitutes, and a lot of schemes. It was really nice to see how the dopplegangers were opposites of one another. One was nice and quirky while the other was cold and sly. Doo Rim, the nice one, looks exactly like Yi Kyung. Yi Kyung is the daughter of a businesswoman who is to marry Kang Ju and obtain financial stability. Upon finding out about the curse of the Choi family, she refuses to be the bride that dies and asks Doo Rim to be her replacement for the wedding, allowing her to take the position of wife after Doo Rim's death. However, Doo Rim and Kang Ju fall in love with one another and start to disregard the curse to be together. This causes a lot of scheming on Yi Kyung's family's side. 
      The male second lead was a little bit weird to me. He was not related to Yi  Kyung but he was part of the family. He was raised with Yi Kyung and is considered to be her older brother. However, he falls in love with Doo Rim out of the blue and proposes without any character or relationship development. It was a little creepy because he basically likes a girl that is identical to his "sister." Thankfully, he didn't have too much of a role and wasn't very threatening. 
       The ghost-curse aspect wasn't as scary as I expected it to be. In the beginning, it was freaky. But as the drama progresses, I had doubts if it was real or if it was by coincidence. There were even parts that convinced me that no such ghost exists because it was a test of true love. However, in the end, they explain the ghost aspect and the grudge that was kept for so long. It also linked the characters to past lives and it was kind of cool. 
       I was quite impressed with Hongki's acting because there were a lot of scenes where he had to be serious and mean. He also had a lot of sad scenes and it was nice to see how well he did on that. He also did a great job in playing a more mature character than some of his previous roles. It was nice to see and he did a great job in convincing me that he was in love with this girl. It was a very cute drama and I enjoyed it. 

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