Saturday, December 16, 2017

While You Were Sleeping

Episodes: 16
          Nam Hong Joo is a young woman who started having dreams that predicted the future at a young age. She is constantly haunted by these dreams and struggles with her moral compass as she has never been able to stop any bad event from happening. Forced into a shell, she lives at home with her mother and the two of them run a small restaurant together. Things start changing in Nam Hong Joo's life when Jung Jae Chan moves into the home across the street. Jung Jae Chan is a rookie prosecutor who is just learning the ropes of his new job. The two do not get along at first due to Nam Hong Joo's bad attempt to avoid a future event she saw in her dream. However, when the dreams start to affect Jung Jae Chan's life, the two are forced to work things out together. 
         One day, Jung Jae Chan had a dream about an accident involving Hong Joo and her boyfriend at the time, Lee Yoo Beom (a manipulative and ruthless attorney who knows Jae Chan from when he was younger). Feeling strange about the dream, Jae Chan decides to interfere with the events that would happen and ended up saving the lives of Hong Joo and the young police officer, Han Woo Tak. After this incident, Jae Chan, Hong Joo, and Woo Tak begin to have dreams about each other and future events that would affect them and they begin to work together to prevent bad events and to help one another.

         This was an enjoyable drama and it actually made me cry at the last episode. Any drama that can bring me to tears now is often considered a good drama to me. I like things that make me feel and that ending was sad, happy, and beautiful all in one. There were however moments where scenes dragged in the middle and there were times where I questioned the chemistry and compatibility between the leads. However, I enjoyed it nonetheless. Lee Jong Suk's acting, without a doubt, is still amazing. The prosecutor's acting was also amazing in this drama and it was great to see him take on more serious roles (he was the comedy relief in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon).
          I love how fitting the OST was to the drama and the concept for this drama was really interesting. I just wish that this could've expanded further and explore the concept a bit more at times. Overall, I really enjoyed it. I just wish our cute second lead could have found someone who would love him back the same way he loved Hong Joo. 

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