Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Love O2O

Episodes: 30
        Bei Weiwei is the prettiest girl in the computer science department who excels in her studies. She loves playing an online game called Dreaming of Jianghu and aspires to be a game designer one day in the future. Through the game, she is approached by the number one player who goes by the name of "Yixiao Naihe" who suggests that the two marry in the game so that they could join couple competitions and complete missions together. The newly formed pair begin to go on many adventures together in the game and are the envy of many.
        However, the virtual world slowly bleeds into the real world as Wei Wei and Xiao Nai begin to develop feelings for each other through the online game. When the two finally decide to meet in person, Wei Wei is shocked to find out that her virtual husband is actually the very attractive and successful college senior, Xiao Nai. Xiao Nai is the most sought after male in their school and he is also the CEO of a starting gaming company he started with his college roommates. The two end up falling for each other more in person, building on what they already had developed through the game. Together, the couple work together, as they do in the game, through many hurdles and obstacles.

This drama was enjoyable but not the best. It was such a positive and light-hearted watch and all the characters grow to be more mature and happy with each episode. It was so satisfying to see everyone find their own equilibrium by the end of the drama and the ending also met my expectations. None of the characters are perfect and they are all flawed characters. However, that is what makes them so great because it feels human as they learn to recover from jealousy and drama. 
    This drama is good because it covers almost every aspect that I enjoy watching. There is bromance, friendship, romance, school life, and also life outside of school. There is also a lot of eye candy in this drama (especially Yang Yang who plays Xiao Nai). I loved the positive vibes this drama gave off and I truly enjoyed watching it. The OSTs also match the moods very well because the songs are gentle and upbeat. I really liked the video game aspect and how we would enter a virtual world and then exit back into the real world. From that you can see the similarities of the characters in the virtual game and in real life. The virtual game plays a big role in the drama as it was very popular among the college group and a lot of drama that happens on there often echoes into the real world. It also helps the viewers get a glimpse into the world these characters are obsessed with and also allows us to follow along with Wei Wei and Xiao Nai as they push forward in their romance and careers.
        There were times that the main couple felt a little awkward but I guess it played into the cute first-love category. Some of the kiss scenes felt forced, especially on the girl's end. There were also times that I wished the main lead would act more cutesy with one another. However, they played a very career-oriented and school-oriented innocent couple. It was nice to watch them support each other but I wanted some more interactions! (I did greatly appreciate the scene they threw in this drama where she is covering up a hickey...but like I didn't even know when or where she got it!)                While I did enjoy watching the actress who played Bei Wei Wei, I was also a bit thrown off by her character at times. She portrays a good, nice, and popular girl who is also intelligent and strong. However, I find that there are times her character feels distant from her "best friends" and there are times where she's stingy toward other characters as well. It felt like everyone was revolving around the perfect Bei Wei Wei which was kind of odd because I feel like none of the other girl characters were inferior to her in any way (especially her best friends). I felt that Wei Wei's character was also not the type to expect that kind of treatment but it did give off the vibe that the world revolves around her in a couple of episodes. I did like Wei Wei's girlfriends a lot because they were so happy and supportive all the time. The bromance Xiao Nai had with his friends was even cuter to watch because they were so sincere and loyal to each other and the company they started together. 
     I would recommend this drama to anyone who wants to watch a light-hearted, positive school/career based romance.
         Another thing that I want to point out that is not important to the whole review of the drama but the main female lead is extremely skinny. Although I am not 100% sure and would not like to be quoted on this, I feel like she has an eating disorder of some form. I say this not because she's just skinny but because I had watched her on a reality show where she hangs out with her father and they do missions together and she would hardly eat on that show. Her own father had used to try to coax her to eat something and she had a belief that it was part of her job to maintain her figure. The actress who plays her has always been very pretty and slim and I've watched in Meteor Shower before. While this may be an issue (or it isn't because usually actresses do take care of their figures very well), I don't think anyone would be too triggered by this as the character often wore fairly modest and pretty clothes. 
Favorite episodes:
Ep 8: That smile he gave Wei Wei before getting on his car
Ep 9: Bromance be real.
Also the part where they decided they were going to meet made me just as excited as Wei Wei.
Ep 10: When he basically said they were dating omg
Their entire date
And the last scene where he went up to her in the basketball court in front of everyone omg
Ep 18: That rain scene
Ep 30: That kiss scene when she's dressed in the ancient red bridal gown

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