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Episodes: 16
Kim Shin is an immortal goblin who meddles with human life every now and then. He is also the guardian of certain souls as well. He lives with an amnesiac grim reaper after a strange turn of events. Together, they watch over souls in different ways and also see the dead off into the afterlife while trying to piece together their own lives, past life, and fates. Kim Shin is looking for the goblin's bride who would be able to relieve him of the curse of immortality. One day, he meets Ji Eun Tak who has the ability to see ghosts and happens to be the Goblin's bride who is meant to end his misery that lasted for 900 years and let him turn to ash. However, fates and past lives and deities don't make it easy for them. As the two fall in love, they realize that one's life will lead to the other's demise. At the same time the Grim Reaper is trying to figure out what is the great sin that caused him to be a Grim Reaper and why when he meets the girl Sunny, a part of his soul aches for something he does not remember.

      This drama is absolutely amazing and it made me question my entire existence after watching it. After watching this drama I went on rants to my friends about the meaning of life, soul mates, fates, and deities. This drama is a must-watch but it may also leave you in a drama slump after because it'll feel like nothing will ever make you feel the way this drama did. But in all honesty, this drama is just worth going through the pain of feeling lost when the drama ends.
    This drama incorporated fantasy elements into reality. The characters may appear to be supernatural but it is not hard to fall in love with them, empathize with them, and learn from them because these characters all started off human. So for them, turning into supernatural beings such as a goblin or a grim reaper does not change them from who they were as humans. I didn't expect myself to fall in love with the Goblin and Grim Reaper the way I did. They were both so funny and intriguing in their own ways. Their pasts and their personal missions to discover the truth of the past and to figure out how to stop "eternal suffering" allowed them to come together. These two characters also allowed us to see the way souls work and how deities work as well. Of course, we are never fully explained what it is like since a lot is left to your own interpretation and understanding. However, they provided a great insight to the idea of humans all having four lives, oblivion is a blessing from the almighty when you move on to your next life, and so forth. They were also the link into the past/past life where this story unfolds. By seeing the past and present throughout the drama, it made it more interesting and easier to connect things as to who these people are and the significance that the past has in the present times.
          I was also in love with Ji Eun Tak and Sunny. These two girls are very different from each other but get along extremely well. They both have amazing personalities and I enjoyed watching these two as well. Ji Eun Tak is young, bright, and in want of being someone important and being loved. She treats people warmly and is extremely helpful to everyone around her. Ji Eun Tak's interactions with everyone around her and especially the Goblin was very entertaining to watch. There's something about her that makes it very hard for you to dislike her character but she's really cute. Sunny is older and owns a chicken restaurant in which Ji Eun Tak works at. She is involved with the Grim Reaper and shares an interesting past with the Grim Reaper that they later find out. She's beautiful, confident, and also extremely nonchalant to the things that are thrown at her in her life. I loved how badass she was throughout the drama, daring to curse at the deities, testing things and accepting things as they come, and forcing herself along a path she knows is best for her versus what she wants. I really liked that all the characters in this drama were either amusing to watch or extremely likable.
         I loved that there was no love triangle. The love stories are made to be both interesting in their own ways. When you look at the relationships, it is clear that the two couples are very different and that the way they love is very different as well. However, you fall in love with each love story equally. You also fall in love with each person's way of loving as well as you watch the drama. This drama made it so easy to empathize and feel for the characters. It's also great to see the couples interact with each other and help each other. It was great to see a drama with great sis-mance and an absolutely hilarious and touching love-hate bromance.
          The OST of this drama is absolutely amazing. The songs were so well-placed throughout the drama that it gave me all the feels at the right time. Now, listening to these songs, I feel extremely song feelings of nostalgia from the drama and I feel so attached to the songs and the scenes this drama was used. It's an amazing experience to watch a drama with absolutely amazing visuals and aesthetics as well as with an audio as beautiful as this one.
        I felt like this drama was perfectly planned out and extremely well-written. I would not want this drama any other way (except maybe longer because I loved it so much). I read that there were some people who were not satisfied with the ending but I can't help but disagree with that idea. I felt that the ending was perfect for a drama like this. For a drama that portrays deities as almost human and supernatural beings suffering rather than feeling blessed with their gifts, this was extremely well done to show that fate is not always kind. Your "happily ever after" may not be what you expect but it doesn't mean it isn't happy. This drama depicted life in a very interesting way and like life, this drama left you with things that you felt like you would've liked resolved even though they didn't have to be resolved, it left you feeling bittersweet, it made you think about the regrets in life. And to me, that's perfect. It had that bittersweet feeling that all goodbyes and hellos give us in life and it was happy the way life works in it's own way. Happiness will always find you in unexpected times and places and we're always willing to accept happiness with open arms.
        I also liked the idea of humans having four lives because it allowed me to analyze some of the characters. I have a theory that Sunny's happy ending for her last life--the life of Harvest made sense. When she was the Queen in her past life, she was probably in the life of watering where was growing and learning and experiencing. Then as Sunny, she was at the life of waiting for the harvest, so it made sense for her to piece things together, resolve things, and wait for the love of her life to walk to afterlife with her for the happily ever after they deserve. While I felt this entire drama connected and flowed really smoothly, I was still slightly confused when Kim Shin came back as a Goblin despite relieving himself of the eternal curse. I thought the Goblin tied with the curse but I guess not? (I'm glad he came back though haha)
       This drama definitely made it to my personal favorites list and I highly recommend it to everyone. This drama is worth it. 

Favorite episodes: 
(Every episode was amazing because they all tied in together. But here is just some that I really enjoyed watching) 

- Episode 5: This was a really cute episode and you get to see the Goblin and Grim Reaper act like little kids. They're such powerful beings yet they do not know how to use a smart phone. They also constantly try to help out Ji Eun Tak in their own ways. Bromance is a lovely thing to watch. It was also cute to see the Grim Reaper try to contact Sunny and to appear more human for her.

-All the scenes between the Grim Reaper and Sunny aka Kim Sun.

-Episode 10: I liked this episode because it provided a lot of back story about the past and how it may tie in the future.


-Episode 13: The King's backstory is so intriguing to me. As much as I love the Goblin and Ji Eun Tak together, I really love watching the Grim Reaper and Sunny interact and the way they reconnected through their past lives as well. This episode also made me cry a lot for both the Goblin, Ji Eun Tak, the Grim Reaper, and Sunny.

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